So, What exactly is Fantasy FIRST?


Excuse my ignorance, but what exactly is Fantasy FIRST and how does it work?

I see that people have signed up and have started to chose some teams for Bean Town Blitz, and my team has been chosen in at least 2 seperate divisions. (Thanks? I think.)

What does it mean?? Tell me, what does it all mean??



Fantasy FIRST is a variation on the Fantasy sports craze that has swept the sports world over the years. A player in a league selects three robots to have in a competition and is scored by the stats from thsoe robots stats and they are rated in comaprison to the other league members.



its run exactly like fantasy football, or fantasy baseball.

basically what has been going on for the past few days is the draft period, where people pick three teams who they want to be the “owners” of. depending on how well these three teams do in the actual competetion, you are given points. the person whose three teams do the best is the winner of the fantasy first league, for that particular event. right now we’re doing it for the beantown blitz, but earlier we had the national fantasy first, and in the future we’ll be doin fantasy first for other invitationals.

did that answer your question??? or do you need more clarifying??? please dont hesitate to ask any anything that you’re still fuzzy on. :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:



ah!!! koko, you’ve beat me to it… darn. :ahh: :stuck_out_tongue: :ahh:



A bit… thanks guys.

I figured it was like Fantasy Football and baseball and the like, but I have never participated in them before so I did not know how they worked…exactly.

Thanks again!



how are the stats of the bots found is that from the scouting database?



Stats count towards final scoring of your team(s) in the leauge. There are certain point values for different things.

Seeding ranking position, Final ranking position, Awards, and what not all have points assigned ot them designated by the founder of the FF league.

Anyone can make a league, so long as they clearly define the rules and how many people can participate and then do the scoring at the end of it.

No, points are not based on the scouting database. (Which one in particular do you mean btw?) That is for team use only, and can be used for reference to choose your teams in the league, but is not a factor in FF whatsoever. Awards at events, and final placements in seeding and finals are the most used.

For example, in the FF league for the Championship event this year, the highest scores were given to the Chairman’s Award winning team, and the Championship Event Competition Winners.

Speaking of myself and my random team assignment of team 67 for that event, they (67) not only won the Chairman’s Award, but won the Event as well with two othr teams, so I ended up winning the FF event. (High points for FF from Chairman’s and high points from event win.)

It won’t always happen that way, but the points system determines who wins by point values for Awards and Event placement in the rankings.

I just got lucky… Real lucky. w00t Team 67.



Wait now i’m really confused. What was with all the football talk? Was that just supposed to be funny, or is there a fantasy football league or what. Totally confused. And i guess i’m too late, but how do you submit the teams you pick, and how do yo ufind out which teams you can pick?



totally confused also but was glad to see that team 1733 was chosen for something :smiley: thank you?



Rookies are valuble point getters (Rookie All Star. Rookie Inspiration and Top Rookie Seed). And some of them do manage to rise to the top.



what’s the randomizer site again?





what are the point values?..i saw them before, I just cant seem to find them again, thanks



I think it depends on your league. Usually declared first post or so. There’s a certain range of point values for different things, but it’s narrow.



Rookie Question:

How do I got about asking to change some of the teams for those I’d want in drafts that are already complete?



Ask the commish of the league directly in the thread. Make sure that the team is available though.



How do the randomized rankings work?

Having 1195 at the top of the list and the tops of many drafts does not make any sense considering the past history. Neither does having 2132, but we’ll give them time. Outside of 1618, 1168, 2377, and maybe 2120 and 2234, there are way too many teams here that are either way underrated, had their performances abberrated by circumstances beyond their control (mechanical or driver), or had a couple of pretty good seasons and are way too much a discount pick (614 and 1748).



Exactly that. It’s randomized, so it basically puts stuff all over the place, with no rhyme or reason.



I believe (And Ed, correct me if I’m wrong), that the randomized rankings are exactly that: random, and that they are the order of teams that will be assigned to players that do not draft in their time slot or send in a list.



Bingo. I know, as I’ve had to assign those teams to players. If you don’t want the randomizer to give you a team, send a list. (Sometimes, mid-draft requests are missed.) If you don’t send a list and don’t make your choices, don’t blame the commissioner of that draft for a bad team. I’ve seen at least one case where having a list in or not made the difference between a lousy alliance and an outstanding one.