So, what will good defense look like in Rapid React?

We saw at several Week 1 events what a top-level shooting robot can do when left to its own devices. Best illustration. ISRE1QF1.2

Here is an example of how a top-level swerve driver can severely limit an opposing robot’s shooting opportunities. MISJOQ23. Hammerheads were hounded by Stryke Force.


Like the Tasmanian Devil.


Is kind of funny to see swerve play defense, but they nailed it. They were able to push 226 around just fine. 226 put up a good fight, but it’s really tough to get around really skilled drivers playing defense.

I expect to see a lot more blocking fender bots from the fender. The defense bots should be able to beat the offensive bots when they try to switch fenders due the the defense bot being closer and not having to travel as far. Fender bots also are vulnerable to being pushed around after they make their shot too.

In my opinion it seems like the strongest defence is in the Israeli district, 2019 was the best example, but even this year you could see the potential of a good defence in the two local events up until now.

It’s a lot harder to defend fender shots than you think.

The Lower Hub ball returns are super easy for the offensive robot to use to set screens.

The best way to defend a fender shooter is to park behind them as they’re shooting and pin them effectively forever since referees struggle to call pinning.

To the OP’s question, we had our alliance play both zone defense and 1v1 defense. I felt like both were effective, but going forward I would prefer zone against alliances with multiple good offensive robots, and 1v1 defense for alliances with a single good scorer.

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