so what's up

hey everyone, i’ve been working a lot, 3 jobs! just wanted to see how other cd members are spending their summer. Me, electrical contracting, waiting tables, and working in an auto restoration shop. So yeah, hope everyone is having fun.


How am I spending my summer? On CD of course!

Heh. I’ve been going between working, moving and robotics. Also, tutoring my two cousins and babysitting my nephew. Wheeew. Busyness. I will, however, be taking a week-long break and going to Kentucky soon! grin I may come on here and talk every so often, but shrug =D
Seems like you’ve been having a really busy summer, Mark. Good luck with all those jobs! Make sure you have some off-time, too.
[edit]and how could i forget to say CD?! I’m on here almost all day since I have no life ;)[/edit]

Three jobs? Ouch. I have 1 job and I feel like I’m busy all the time. It is the best job though… I’m working in a satellite lab at ASU. :slight_smile: Its fun- if a bit annoying at times. Other then that, I’m just doing the usual. Reading, Video Games, robots. Its all good.

i’m working as an HVAC installer/service man 10-14 hrs a day 5 days a week, i am also spending time working on an individual project for my schools DARPA team…i’m keeping busy but can;t wait till i get back to school

I second that!!!

I wanted to get a job for the summer but go figure … didn’t work out! So I took the summer off to rest … take it easy … organize for school (have to ge ready :ahh: )! Ummm … in the mean time I’ve been doing some babysitting and getting some money that way.
I was supposed to do some virtual classes over my summer but not until now … have they gotten back to me (and my school starts in August 5)!
I am however learning to play guitar (acoustic) … so that’s GREAT!!! :smiley:

Therefore, my summer is pretty much spent in CD … i’m on this site all the time!!

i am a member on the rescue squad. this summer I have been wroking on the squad, answering various types of emergencies.i also have been doing stuff for myself like hangin out with friends.

CD. :smiley:

Yeah… A lot of CD and FVG. Also, I had both semesters of PE this summer, so I got that out of the way for the rest of high school.

I got out of those with marching band, which I’m looking forward to.

Sounds like everyone is busy this summer. But today was my day off! And I… cleaned my room. I can’t wait till I turn in my notice and have some time off to go fishing. I’m going to try and take JosephM. Any Firsters in the Richmond area that like fishing just PM me, it will be a big ole trip down to the James for an afternoon. Hope everyone is up to something fun.

The only time I’ve been fishing was in Florida. But anyway, I’ve been mostly working with a professor at VCU, and I’ve also been hanging out and resting at home, along with a liberal dose of CD. :wink:

Let’s see… I have been:

#1. Camping

  • #2.Camping
  • and oh yeah, #3.CAMPING! :smiley:

Yes not only have I been documenting the FVG progress and other things there, posting on CD, playing Magic, etc. I’ve been camping at a seasonal spot in a nice campground. I just got off another of 2 weeks of camping, will be heading back this weekend, and will probably spend more weekends up there.

I just got back from camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virgina, at Camp Jeep, the day after I returned from a 3 week vacation in sunny, rainy, humid, Gulfport, Mississippi. Now I spending the rest of the summer right here on CD.