So, what's your favorite part of FRC?

If you say competition, can you be specific?

Sooooo, its my absolute FIRST year in FIRST.
I CAD, I PR, and I stare in amazement at FAB (I don’t think I will ever attempt direct manipulation of the robot. People will get hurt).

So, sitting here on Christmas at a relative’s computer (which I can’t CAD on) I’m pretty much trolling CD. I don’t know what to expect from the seasonn, so anyone want to share experiences?

You know you want to take a break from guessing what hint #1 means…

My favorite part is the regionals, expecially now that I’m volunteering and work as field reset. Being apart of the inner workings of maintaining the field has to be the most fun I have had since I graduated and moved on from being on a team.

Even vacuming the field is loads of fun.

The other part, and main reason why I love working on the field is being so close to the game itself. I’ve got that dream to one day work on the GDC, so being so close to the game that I’m walking though it just has some sort of magical quality to me.

I find that it’s the little things that are the best part of FIRST.

The regionals. Design is fun and strategy is fun to work out and feel all clever about for 5 minutes before you realize everyone in America thought of it too. Build is great in that “wow, we have no time, no resources, and no limits!” way. But competition throws everything you did out the window and is all about intensity and execution.

In particular, the eliminations are where the magic happens. Here’s who you’re stuck with, for better or worse - now you have to make it happen.

The build time is the most fun for me. It is when my skills are put to the test and programming in general is fun. I get to present ideas and then put them into action.

My personal favorite aspect of FRC and FIRST in general is the relationships you build over the years at the various events. If your team routinely goes to one or more regionals every year, you begin to see the same faces and make many friends from all over. Even now I still keep in touch with many of the people I met back when I was a freshman and continue to meet even more people as I continue to be involved.

I love the events. I’m on the pit crew, so I spend a lot of time working with my own team on the robot (err…unfortunately) and such. But working in the pit is also fun in terms of working with other teams - you become pretty good neighbors with the teams next to you and you can see what everyone’s working on.

Another fun part of the competitions is cheering. Hopefully your team likes to cheer and dance, because it’s super fun if you get into it (and you can meet people from other teams :smiley: ).

So it’s really the social aspect that makes it such a great experience for me (at competitions, and also on Facebook and Twitter). Building robots is fun and educational and all, but it’s even more fun with friends.

mostly, all of it. :wink:

*suprised noone else wrote that.

Messing around with the game piece is usually rather fun. The giant trackballs of 2008 were great.

I personally have found that some of my favorite memories come from the build season late at night.

ps. Once every year at the end of the season deeeeep in the bowls of Christler late at night we use all the magic smoke we’ve collected over the year and make the robot fly!

It’s tough to pick one, each element of FRC has it’s special moments. The friendships I’ve made with people on other teams (Esp. 1126) will always be important to me. It’s so cool to be able to compete with/against some of your best friends.

During build season, I’ll echo what other have said that the late night/early morning meetings always turn out to be the most fun. I think I’ve spent more time at our High School for robotics meetings then I did when I was going to class there.

At competition, Alliance Selections is the most adrenaline packed 20mins for me. It’s a fascinating part of our competition.

Also you will always remember your first time at Championship.

You will have a great time this year and after you should bump this thread and tell us what your favorite parts were.

Probably the competition, but since so many people are saying that I’m going to say the kickoff. Each year, our five local teams meet at Caterpillar and watch the webcast. After an hour of all the important FIRST people talking, the game is finally revealed. Our team goes back to ATS, our sponsor’s building, watches the game animation over and over (by the end of the day I have practically memorized the animation), and starts to concept. Then, for the next six weeks I care about one thing and one thing only: FIRST.

Second that. Some of the quotes are the best.

Teehee, I take it that you like meeting other teams? I think I already like that : As for cheering: PR(mostly girl-led) is trying to get everyone to wear red spandex and blue shorts…

Watching what the team learned during build season being exercised in less time than needed at a regional.
The regionals offer so many oppurtunities to prove to yourself that you learned something.

Do it. I doubt they will tell you that your CAD is wrong and can’t be used.

I love it. It’s gotten to the point where 50% of the people I talk to monthly are people that I know through FIRST, 75% on a daily basis. It’s cool. FIRST people are so cool.

Do it. “If the CAD guys will do it, nobody else (except maybe the programmers) will complain about doing it.” And think about how awesome that will look.

(my team is huge on imagery/spirit, so I’m probably not the greatest person to ask “should all of us do x, y and z?”, because I will say yes without much thought, regardless of how silly it may be)

A quote from the Killer Bees lead mentor and drive coach and programmer.

I really like a part that not a whole lot get to see and that is the debate in the judging room. It’s a fascinating process to experience, especially at CMP when you have around 100 of the best judges from around the country in a single room debating which team is the best candidate for an award.

Second favorite part is talking with people outside of FIRST about it. Being a salesperson is great when you are selling a great product.

I have to agree with everyone with the late night build season days. Although, my favorite times are definitely during competition and during matches. Just hearing my team scream excitement and cheering the drive team on is one experience I can’t explain.

Late nights, a few good humored people dr. Pepper, CAD and some sleep deprevation always makes it fun