So, who are the 3175 Knight Vision?

Who are the 3175 Knight Vision?

While we have a facebook profile, 10 different defunct websites, and invite local teams to our shop whenever it’s clean (so like, never?), we’ve always had a presence here on CD since our founding.

I wanted to take some time and introduce the 3175 Knight Vision, a 13th year FRC team from Grosse Pointe Woods, Michigan.

So, just how did this silly team turn up on the field in finals 3 at George R. Brown Convention Center?

To answer that question, I’d like to take this moment to take a break from studying for my finals after this hectic weekend to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who’s offered us congratulations for this past weekend. However I’d also like to extend a big thank you to the teams and people who have put us in this position over the years and helped build and support our team, and deserve recognition for this past weekend. Although not registered members of the team, they are Team 3175.

Team 573, Mech Warriors: Back in fall 2009, team 573 came to our school and demoed their robot to some students to help gauge interest in starting a FIRST Robotics Competition team. Afterwards, they helped mentor us and helped us get on our feet. Team 573 has changed my life, and so many others, and without them I don’t know where I as well as our team would be today.

Team 2851, Crevolution: Since 2015, Crevolution has opened their build space to us for drive practice, relaxing moments, and general help. They have been some of our biggest cheerleaders at points as well as some of our biggest supporters. We are lucky to have you as friends.

Teams 1023, Bedford Express and 469, Las Guerillas: 10 years ago, you took a chance on us and picked us to be your third bot at the Detroit district event. While it may not have been super significant to you guys (you guys were winning that event anyways with or without us), the amount that it inspired our team to keep going and to persevere through years where we felt like we would never have any success cannot be understated.

Team 280, TnT: When our outreach and business program was in our early stages, you were a massive help to us and helped us staff outreach events when we were undermanned and did not really have the people to support. Although we don’t really reach out often, we know that if we need anything, even the smallest or the largest task, they will gladly hop aboard and help out. If you have never met Team 280, they are genuinely one of the most selfless teams in FIRST. They are what FIRST is all about, and if you asked me to pick a team that embodies Gracious Professionalism, I would say TnT.

Team 1306, BadgerBOTs: In 2015 and 2016, you gave us help on presenting for Chairman’s and EI that left such an impact and really changed our view on how to approach those aspects of our team. Thank you.

Team 118, specifically the Everybot team: Your everybot 2020 climber allowed us to build a consistent climb. We’ve struggled in the past with climbers and making consistent endgame mechanisms, and being able to use that as a simple solution for the mid bar allowed us to focus on other parts of the robot. Thank you for raising the floor.

Every team that has ever been on a playoff alliance with us: You are a part of this victory. Big or small, in-season or offseason, you have had a sincere impact on us, left us with lessons learned, and helped us grow in the process:

3548 (now re-merged with 1188), 3570, 469, 1023, 4815, 280 (x2), 3547, 217 (x2), 70, 245, 815 (x3), 3641, 1701 (x2), 494, 3535, 2851, 1941, 4519, 288, 107, 68 (x2), 5084, 2832, 4680 (x2), 818, 3604, 6116, 5090, 2048, 1189, 3414, 314, 4811, 5756, 2960 (x3), 3322, 548, 3619, 1025, 6569, 5498, 6616, 3539, 5114, 4216, 6877, 2337, 5436, 1684, 3536, 1322, 201, 7762, 1718, 3603, 1619, 254, 6672

Teams 1619, 254, and 6672: I don’t really know what to say. This past weekend has been one of the best experiences of my life as well as of many of our students, and I don’t know if I could ever thank all three of you enough. You helped all of us fulfill dreams we’ve all had since joining the program. I personally cried at least five times over the course of Saturday, and I know a lot of our team members did as well. Thank you for putting your trust in us to go out there in the biggest moment. Thank you for playing your minds out to get all four of us to that moment. Specifically to 1619 and 254, thank you for picking us in alliance selection. We didn’t have a traversal climb, we didn’t have vision targeting, but you still believed in us and put your faith in us.

I know this is such a cliché post. I’ve left out individuals and teams who have made impacts as well. Just know that so many of you have left impacts on us, big and small, and this championship belongs to you as well. Thank you to the FIRST community for being such a big part of my and so many people’s lives.

All the best,


Y’all have come a long way :cry:

My memory from HS is pretty fuzzy now, but I do remember 3175 stopping by 1189’s shop a few times and us providing help here and there. I don’t know what the relationship is like now (if at all), and I know we were just a small part, but it’s such an amazing thing seeing your success now. I stopped by your pit and I don’t think you or Kim were there, but I talked to your students and drive coach - they were a pleasure to talk to and clearly “get it”.

Also, my jaw was basically on the floor during F3. That defense was spectacular.



Also, congrats.



Hi Kara,

I did consider adding 1189 to this post outside the alliance members section. While we are “crosstown rivals”, they’ve always been wonderful to us. We haven’t been to their space and they haven’t been to ours in years, but there’s still plenty of respect between us. I know in 2011 specifically, we spent a lot of time there working on our minibot and in 2014 I came and got help from your pneumatics mentor to help figure out an issue with our pneumatics our first season using them (turns out I simply put the regulator in backwards). I simply couldn’t thank everyone in detail in one post.

Also, wow. that’s an old email. I’ll make sure she sees it for a trip down memory lane.

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Congrats to 3175 and 6672 !

It gives hope to all the small teams out there. Keep building your team and making better robots. The other stuff will fall into place.


That’s what I figured was the case - definitely wasn’t expecting any kind of recognition or shout out, just came here for the congrats and throwbacks :slightly_smiling_face:


Just want to as to the congratulations. Great job, wonderful seeing you playing in the clutch. Seeing you at Macomb I knew your team and drivers were great.

Looking forward to seeing you in the off season and for many seasons to come.


wide shooter gang <3


District Chairman’s Award at Macomb and a World Champs title… I’d say 2022 has been a GREAT year for y’all!


Yeah, old. From back in the day when you were following your mom around as a not-old-enough-to-volunteer kid. :innocent:

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Two members of 3175’s drive team will be on FRC Round Up tonight at 9:00pm eastern to talk about their championship experience + other topics. We’ve very excited to have them on.

Here’s also their Behind the Bumpers from earlier in the season. @nmatthes has been talking about this team all season.


I got so excited Saturday morning to see y’all get picked by the alliance. It was definetly a well deserved win, and I’m very happy that yall were the team to pull a Houston win for FiM. Congrats, and good luck in the future!

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As the head coach for 3175, I’d like to add a few teams to this list… and am still certain we have inadvertenly missed someone.

3604 Goon Squad - thank you for your friendship and support of everything we do over the years. You have provided parts for us when we were in a bind, space to test our bot, and volunteers/materials to help us host our first FTC event this past fall. I remember chatting with your original team mentor/coach trying to offer some support during your first year, and am beyond gratedful that we have developed the partnership that we have (looking forward to the upcoming Trivia night!)

5050 - CowTown Robotics and 863 Lightning Robotics - for the constant encouragement and for supporting our event with your time and talent.

1684 Chimeras and 503 Frog Force for your help with our programming team this season that helped them develop swerve cod during the past summer.

2834 Bionic Blackhawks for the numerous events you have hosted over the years that provide inspiration for our team and for the friendships we were able to forge at MSC this year while we were sharing a hotel in Saginaw.

Our school and in particular our ice arena manager Richard Lorant who support this team in numerous ways. You truly make the program possible and help it thrive through your endless support and encouragement over the years.

The mentors/coaches/volunteers that I look up to and consider friends: Cindy/Tom Nader, Tammy Damrath, Brian Graham, Ellen Pfafflin, Bryan Battaglia, Marjie Jenkins, Lisa Savage, Randy Strawshine, Brandon Queen, Brandi/Clinton Bolinger, Julie Alspach, Joe Horth, Peter Muller, Kara Bakowski, Brion Fox, Mike Malo, Mkie May, Debbie May, Kelly Stewart, Matt Malinak, Matt Dunklee, Zoey Brookbanks, Ben Lampe, Alan Bennett, Brian Moorehead, Sean Messenger, Gary Voshol, John Stofflett, Nick Matthes, and oh, so many more. There were many years where I wanted to throw in the towel as a coach, but knowing I would be missing out on seeing all of you and catching up at events has truly made me glad that I never did and has made me love the program more each year.

Our numerous sponsors who without your assistance, none of this would be possible…

Finally to our team mentors past and present who have helped this team become what they are today. Ron Jachim, Kelvin Verble, Jayant Trewn, Mark Johnson, Huong Reilly, Karen Ayoub, Bubba Ayoub, Darryl Almasy, Scott Brunner, Lauren Harris, Sarah Nichols, James Pradko, Noel Frost, Tammy Goerlich, Rob Goerlich, Barbara Yoshida, Lisa Updike, Chris Updike, Jason LaVigne, Shadath Chowdhury, and of course my rock in the program Anthony Galea.


Great job last year in Houston, and great job 2 weekends ago at Macomb… It looks like 1189 might need to refresh that friendly rivalry and reclaim Macomb next year. Good luck next week as well.

(Also, your Safety Captain kept on randomly appearing at the most unexpected moments in our pit at Macomb. That was a fun event both of the last 2 years.)


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