So who do you think is the favorite to win this years Chairman's award?

Here are the nominies:
190 Gompei the H.E.R.D.
25 Raider Robotics
384 Sparky
492 Titans
842 Falcon Robotics
48 Delphi E.L.I.T.E.
340 G.R.R. Robotics
233 The Pink Team
66 Willow Run Robotics
365 M.O.E.
71 Team Hammond
236 Techno Ticks
45 Technokats
612 Robo Knights
217 THunderchickens
111 WIldstang
1002 The Circutrunners
192 G.R.T.
383 The Brazillian MAchine
245 Adamsbots
375 Robotic Plauge
514 RPM
812 The Midnight Mechanics
1114 Simbotics
1108 Panther Robotics
1657 Boeing & Mevoot Eron
159 Alpine Robotics
522 The Robowizards
79 The Navigators
922 ULTIMATE: United Longhorn Team Inspiring Mental Attitude Towards Engineering
1398 Robo-Raiders
357 Royal Assault
503 Frog Force

Well the first thing I notice is that the favorites from the last couple of years 118 and 341 are not in the mix making the race wide open. This year alot of “old warriors” in FIRST are getting thier just rewards and definately are at the top of the favorite list.
My pick goes to 45 the Technokats who were finalist in '94 and '96 and haven’t had a sniff of a Chairman’s since. Their good works are ledgendary and they are one of the greatest example of what is so great about FIRST.

Note: If you are going to toot your own team’s horn feel free to do so but you have to tell us why. Not just because they’re great. There’s 32 other great teams here so that’s a very weak reason. Build us a case why the team is great not just because you feel your team is being neglected.

I feel that 1114 has a strong chance because they’ve been sewing patches of FIRST throughout their community and working hard to spread first’s message. There will be another Niagra Team next year, and I think its clear to see that the triplets have become quite united, but at the same time, any one of them could function independently both on and off the field. Their sponsor recognition and FLL involvement is a great bonus as well. I hope that judges dont ignore this entry, and that they will make the best decision overall.

Wow, what an impressive list of CA winning teams. I really don’t see how anybody can say their team deserves it more than others on this list because we just don’t know most other teams history and what they do in the community.

The judges in Atlanta will have a very tough job finding a Championship CA winner. While any team would love to win it including 1002, what a legacy of teams there are in the running! Good luck to everyone!


If I voted with my heart I would choose 1114. I feel however that I have seen a lot from 1 team that puts them a little ahead of others I know or have seen. I will go out on a limb and say 217.

Right now I think it will be 45, 71, or 217. Though somethings telling me 45 will win.

Those 32 teams up there are STAR teams. We all know the reason why, but choosing one of those stars is going to be really difficult. In my one and half year experience with FIRST, i learned that all teams contribute to wards their community in different ways, and they all deserve something.
I"m really not sure, if history can play an important role in determining whose the winners, but as Dean has said “At the end everyone is going to be a winner.”
As part of Team 612, i see alot of competition out there. This is the first time in our 6 year history that we’ve made it to this point. But the way we’ve evolved in just one year, is one of its own example. I really don’t care who wins the CA; our team is going to Atlanta to celebrate its victory as being part of FIRST, in fact we all are going there to celebrate out victories.

236… They won Chairman’s at multiple events for the past 4 years in a row. It’s time to make them win at the national level to give someone else a chance at the regional level.

And I think they actually do deserve to win at the National level as well.

I believe that 357 deserves it this year!

I am thinking that 612 and 236 may be the favorites to win it this year.

It really needs to go to one of the multiple-winners. I am curious to see if there is a decline in RCA entries at those events where a multiple-winner is attending.

But, it could really go either way. There’s lots of great teams that recieved it this year!

Well, i dont really know what all the teams have done, hopefully some of them will step up and let us know what they do. But from what i do knkow…

My vote goes with M.O.E. they relly have an outstanding program over there that has been building over the years and didn’t they get Honorable Mention last year. They do Robot walk/run to raise awareness, they have the FYI (First Year Info base) set up for rookie teams, they are doing FLL tournaments, and much much more.

They are a famous team and everyone knows there bright color.

Sorry to dissappoint you Ed, that 118 wont be competing at the national level this year, but the Lone Star Region has a large number of teams competing and a lot of them have some high quality programs. If anything it will keep 118 working harder and hopefully we will be back ready to compete at the national level again next year.

I think 812 has a decent shot. They did win the championship EI two years ago and won SoCal twice in a row now. The description that was read was extremely impressive and won in a very stacked chairmans lineup of teams that have won regional chairmans in the past.

I’m gonna say either 192 or 383.
Most people have read the articles and things about 192, and if they did a bang up job on their submission, I think they would have a chance to win.
While I don’t know much about the Brazilian Machine, they have to have played a big role in expanding FIRST in Brazil and South America. Bringing FIRST to another continent, that seems like a winner.

My top 5: 236, 365, 217, 111, 383

236 has won four in a row. I’m certain it’s not because there’s a lack of competition in New England.

Thanks, Ed. It was good to see you in Toronto this past weekend. Just to clarify, we did have a strong shot in 2002, winning the Regional CA at Midwest during the year 175 won the big prize.

As for who to win this year, there are many deserving teams. Looking down the list, I can cite reasons for each team to win. Judging the Championship CA must be the hardest thing to do in FIRST. I’d rather try to stop an alliance of 1114, 111, and 25 from scoring 3 pointers than to judge the CA between these teams.

I’ll go out on a limb and make an underdog pick: 812

Andy B.

[originally posted in another thread because I missed seeing this one]
This is an impressive list. Makes me wonder how on earth the CA judges at Championship are going to choose just one team to join the HOF this year.

To follow up on that thought: as FIRST adds regional events, the opportunities for regional medals and awards increase proportionally. And there’s still just one Championship, so just one team per year gets into the HOF. Many exemplary teams may never make it in, because other exemplary teams are developing every year.

I don’t mean to slight any team by mentioning the only ones that I have directly observed recently; my choices for the 2006 Chairman’s Award would be 45, 71, 111, and 1114.

I’d find it very difficult to make a single choice, but if pressed I’d vote for 71. Reasons: (1) four championships – I understand that FIRST isn’t only about winning, but in 71’s case the winning is evidence of an exceptionally strong overall program, and (2) FIRST’s most productive alumni association – just look around and see where former Hammond team members are now, what they’ve done for FIRST, the teams they’ve started.

Here is list of the 2006 winners with all info I could get, *study your competitors! * All these teams are great teams. Hope this info is useful

VCU Regional
384 J.R. Tucker High School, Richmond, VA USA

BAE Regional
190 WPI & Massachusetts Academy of Math and Science, Worcester, MA USA

New Jersey Regional
25 Bristol-Myers Squibb & North Brunswick Twp. High School, North Brunswick, NJ USA

Pacific Northwest Regional
492 Oregon NASA Space Grant Consortium & The International School, Bellevue, WA USA

Buckeye Regional
48 Delphi Corporation & Warren G. Harding High School , Warren, OH USA

Finger Lakes Regional
340 Bausch & Lomb & Churchville-Chili High School, Churchville, NY USA

Florida Regional
233 NASA @Kennedy Space Center & Cocoa Beach High School & Rockledge High School, Rockledge/Cocoa Beach,FL USA

Great Lakes Regional
66 General Motors Powertrain Corp & Willow Run High School, Ypsilanti, MI USA

Pittsburgh Regional
365 First State Robotics/DuPont Engineering/Anholt Technologies, Inc. & MOE Robotics Group, Wilmington, DE USA

St. Luis Regional
71 Beatty International/City of Hammond/PEPSI Americas & School City of Hammond, Hammond, IN USA

New England regional
236 Dominion Millstone Power Station & Lyme-Old Lyme High School, Old Lyme, CT USA

Boilermaker Regional
45 Delphi/Ivy Tech Community College & Kokomo Center School Corporation, Kokomo, IN USA

Chesapeake Regional
612 Mitretek/SAIC/Northrup Grumman/IAI & Chantilly Academy, Chantilly, VA USA

Detroit Regional
217 Ford Motor Company/FANUC Robotics Inc./B&K Corporation & Utica Community Schools, Sterling Heights, MI USA

Midwest Regional
111 Motorola & Rolling Meadows High School & Wheeling High School, Schaumburg, IL USA

Peachtree Regional
1002 Kimberly-Clark/Georgia Institute of Technology & Wheeler High School, Marietta, GA USA

Silicon Valley Regional
192 Gunn High School, Palo Alto, CA USA

Boston Regional
383 Provincia de Sao Pedro HS, Porto Alegre,RS Brazil

Davis Sacramento Regional
245 Siemens VDO Automotive /GM Finance Staff & Rochester Adams High School, Rochester Hills,MI USA

New York City Regional
375 Verizon/Con Edison & Staten Island Technical High School, Staten Island,NY USA

SBPLI Long Island Regional
514 G&L Precision Corp./Miller Place PTO/MP Robotics Boosters & Miller Place Schools, Miller Place, NY USA

Southern California Regional
812 The University of California at San Diego/The UCSD Machine Perception Laboratory/General Motors/The Annenberg Foundation/Qualcomm/Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego/Northrop Grumman/The San Diego County Fair & The Preuss School at UCSD, San Diego,CA USA

Waterloo Regional
1114 General Motors - St. Catharines Powertrain & Governor Simcoe Secondary School, St. Catharines, ON Canada

Wisconsin Regional
1108 Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation/Holy Trinity Parish/Sutherland Family Limited Partnership & Paola High School, Paola,KS USA

3-28 to 4-1
GM/Technion University Israel Regional
1657 Boeing & Mevoot Eron, Kibutz E’in Shemer, Northern Israel

Colorado Regional
159 LSI Logic & Poudre High School, Fort Collins,CO USA

Greater Toronto Regional
522 New York Container Terminal/SI Bank & Trust Foundation/Con Edison/Richmond County Savings Foundation/Northfield Savings Bank & Mckee Vocational High School, Staten Island, NY USA

Las Vegas Regional
79 Honeywell Inc & East Lake High School, Clearwater,FL USA

Lone Star Regional
922 AEP/Houston Robotics /SONY Corporation & United Engineering & Technology Magnet, Laredo,TX USA

Palmetto Regional
1398 W. J. Keenan High School, Columbia,SC USA

Philadelphia Regional
357 PECO Exelon/ITT Technical Institute & Upper Darby High School, Drexel Hill,PA USA

West Michigan Regional
503 Intier Automotive & Novi High School, Novi,MI USA

I’m surprised nobody has mentioned Wheeler 1002. They’ve been in first 4 years and have 3 regional chairman’s awards. I think I’m gonna go with M.O.E. though. They are an awesome team with an awesome history within FIRST.

I agree with those who said that it has to be one of the repeat regional winners… =\ Not only is it more justifiable to give the award to one of these teams who has consistantly shown their stuff, but it allows another team to step up to the plate at a regional.

Nowhere in the manual does it state that the Chairman’s Award has to go to a multiple winner.

Imagine Redateam has won the Magnolia Regional Chairman’s Award for the past four seasons. Their program is a good one, one that registers a 9.1418 on Billfred’s Change-The-Culture-O-Meter, which is known to be the best measurement of how worthy a team is to win the Chairman’s Award.

Now imagine Bluateam, which recently won their first Chairman’s Award ever at the Pinetree Regional. Their program registers a 9.7525 on the Change-The-Culture-O-Meter.

Assuming the judges can tell the difference without a Change-The-Culture-O-Meter (development was kinda sidelined by build season), who should have the Peter Gabriel played for them a second time this season?
Speaking of Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time,” I do hope they play it for the Chairman’s winner in Atlanta. I mean, after hearing it in person or over the webcast for four weeks of regionals, not playing it just wouldn’t feel right. :wink: