So who else is up byrning the midnight oil finishing the safety animation?

Looks like it’s gonna be a long night.

I animated until around 4 AM then started the render and went to sleep, uploaded it yesterday…

Didn’t make it.

That’s what we did for the 2004 animation award…Man that was bad. I didn’t get this animation done though. Not enough time in the day, I’m afraid.

I did the stay up until 5 am, sleep until 12 thing three times in a row starting friday and then Monday and Tuesday stayed up until midnight. Wowza. I didn’t even do that on the 2004 animation. Of course, this animation is considerable more complex than that one. I had two computers, a 2.8 and a 3.2 ghz which took about 30 minutes per frame on some parts.

I was only informed about the animation two days before though, so I win.

For fast animations the best idea is to keep the models simple, make them out of primitives if you must, put more effort into the materials, then put even more effort into the animation.
With simple lighting, you should be able to complete a 30 second animation in a day, providing you know what you intend to do :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Maybe I’m doing something wrong, but ti looks as though no teams finished it on time. Or, at least none that uploaded it to streamline. If you go into the uploads area, the folder is empty.

Last year, for the real animation, I enjoyed looking at people’s animations before the regional events using this method.

Maybe they have the contents of the folder hidden? Or maybe not. The entry forms folder only has one team (or was it two?) as well.

Oh well. Short notice never gets much done.


they moved the submissions to another place

I count 28 teams entered.