So Who Is Going To San Diego?

With only 13 days left I was just wondering who is going/planning on going to the Team San Diego “Battle at the Border” Lock-In and Scrimmage on May 19th and 20th?

Team 1138 is going…but dare I say…with something extra…:wink:

696 will probably be there. Not sure if I will.

We are now 4 days away from the Scrimmage/Lock-in “Battle at the Border” in San Diego. Please register here “Registration”](

New additions to Battle at the Border:

A fullyfunctional RAVE
Hair Shop ( Liberty Spikes? We can do it!)
Flight Simulator
Picnic Lounge
A Larger Lan Party
Much Much more!!!

Making antoher apperance at the battle at the border:

Tiki Hut
Video Lounge
Outdoor Living room
Large Screen Movie presentation on Playing Field
Lan Party(Bigger and better)

C’mon all we know how good we are at convincing out mentors to do what we want, its not expensive and jsut as much fun(if not more fun) then a FIRST regional. Bring yourselves, no need to book a hotel, sleeping in the gym with 100+ people is much more fun I promise…well IF you sleep, sleep is for the weak lol.

SIGN UP SIGN UP SIGN UP!!! It is beyond worth it!

We 're going, but some of us want to get some sleep friday night, so myself and others are heading up that morning. SEE YOU ALL THERE!!!

WOOHOO TO coming, LLAAMMEE for not staying the night, but were glad to have your team for the scrimmage!

Oh shoot. 696 isn’t going. I wasn’t going to go because it would cost me $60 just in gas and I have other stuff to do, BUT, Karaoke you say??? Hrrrm. This sounds interesting. Are there any prizes? What songs will be available? Does anyone remember what songs were available last year? Is everybody silly/stupid while performing or was anyone really good?

Sannddrag, the karaoke will be going on LONG into night until dawn. At 3am, you really don’t care what you sound like. I, on the other hand, will be bringing earplugs, because I think I’ll be needing a little sleep.

Trust me. If I was there, you wouldn’t be needing those earplugs. Can I get a listof all the available songs? Anybody play any instruments? Wanna do an all out performance? Lead vocalist for hire, right here.