So..... who won?

So who won the awards?

Team 45 teh TechnoKitties :wink: won the Inventor Award.


Build then model?
Model then build?

sunny also won the silver teapot with a version of 3ds max. pretty darn cool

Team 114 won the Award for Visualization and 64 won the Creativity Award and for the other awards just go to cause I don’t remember them right now.

Argg cant access the first site :frowning: They must be updating it.

Actually Wetzel…

My team won the “Honorable Mention Award for Technical Excellence”,,1972188-123112,00.html

Team 166 won the Honorable Mention for Content Communication! Congrats to all of the animation kids on my team!!! I love you guys, you all worked so hard and deserved it!!!

And also, Wetzel, I believe that Team 111 (WildStang) won the Inventor award…

hey albrot…

I got your teams bunny!!!