So who's going to submit a safety animation?

We’re going to try, even though our two most experienced animators graduated :frowning:

Yes, the deadline is ridiculously tight (Dec. 3), but if we keep it simple we might make it.

Here is the Safety Animation announcement from FIRST:

We’re going to try to do one this year.

I have no clue how to do it, but I’ll try.

I think we are going to try as a way to start animation training.

During this time of year last year, we were very low on animators, all of our veteran animators had either graduated or had not yet returned for the season. I approached a new member and asked him and he said he would try. He had to teach himself and spent a great deal of time making not one but two animations for us to choose from. He also spent a lot of time tweaking and finished the final animation just after deadline for submission.

I am encouraging some of our team members to think about this. We are in our final week of preparation before Capitol BEST and the focus is on that right now but maybe we’ll see.

Even though we missed submitting our entry last year, the student had a wonderful time creating the animations and enjoyed the process - and - he gained valuable experience in a new area. I would encourage every team to submit. :slight_smile: Animators rock!

We are going to try to this year, as we have one returning animator and a couple new ones that want to try. The only problem is our computers and laptops are locked away in a school bathroom :ahh: , seeing as we are changing shop locations. :slight_smile:

Hopefully we will be able to dig them out next week to get it started.

We’ve got several problems of our own, but team 2090 will submit someting, even if it’s total garbage.

lol! Believe me, it can’t be worse than the crap I’ll muster up. We might have some new students coming in that may know about it.

oh man, that is pretty rough, I don’t think I can help but if you need anything… actually most of our problems are resolved for this year, but we wont have any computers to use next year, that’ll be intresting.

Do like the cavemen did for FIRST: moving rock pictures!

Everyone strip off their clothes and run NAKED!
LOL! Oh i enjoy sending you guys teasers keeping you guessing what Winnovation is brewing this year.

here is a time lapse of the modeling of the hand. video

so far its 16264 polys, I know thats really large but thats after two mesh smooths divisions.

TJ2 is in the process of getting our animation squared away, we are in the process of compiling and completing it right now.:cool:

Great video Buddy, but it’s too darn fast!

We thought about doing it. Our team has never submitted a safety animation before. We had a subteam get together to do it, but they read the guidelines and decided that they could use their effort to do other things and get more out of it. We’re going for several other awards, and before January we aim to build a new cart, some new transmissions, publish a children’s book, and do some demonstrations in the community… so we’re pretty tight on time.

Team 1710 is working on an animation right now. We hope to have the animation complete by next monday and start rendering next week. We are also blessed to have two excellent animators on our team with the assistance of two Mac G5’s.

my FTC team should be getting inventor soon from FIRSTbase (yes FTC teams r going to get that) and im going to make one for fun and to learn inventor even though i cant submit:mad:

our team is not looking too hot right now. I could do all of the safety animation but that would be entirely unethical. Our problem is that our animation team consists of 3 people from last year (and this is their second year) and 8 freshmen who are just about the squirreliest kids you could ever find. I would tell them to run around the building a couple of times to get rid of all that energy, but half of them are cross country runners. That doesn’t phase them one bit.

I also think a major part of the problem is that we are only meeting once a week. Things will really pick up when the actual season comes around and we are meeting everyday.

sigh, this is not looking good for team 2090, I think I’m the only one capable of working at home, and I’m sure buddy will atest to how inexperienced I am. Not ot mention how little gets done at our shourt meetings… we are in some serious trouble, especially considering that we need to mail it on december 1st because we are in hawaii and it takes forever for things to get to the mainland, even express.
But I have a quesiton and I know it’s off topic, one of my team unistalled 3DS MAX and tried to reinstall it but it insists the license expired… additionally have they opened up the new licenses? cause we are borrowing computers again, and these only have the 30 day trial… this is bad…

I haven’t been to Dakota Ridge High School much this semester since it’s off-season but I believe Team 1799 is.

I’ve had that problem too, You need to delete the license file that is in your C drive. I its a hidden folder. Goggle it for i have forgotten where it is locatted.