So who's gonna build the flying robot this year?

Ok…it’s the end of Week 1 and I have yet to hear anyone talk about building a flying bot.

If you think about it, this year’s game is perfect for a drone bot. Scale, switch, climbing would be easy. No height restriction. Only rule in the books have to do with safety concerns.

We talked about it as a team for a day and didn’t have the courage to do it. But someone out there, a more experienced team than ours, has to be doing one this year.


Would it even be realistic to expect to be able to lift the control system alone with FRC-legal parts? The battery is really heavy. I don’t think anyone has built a flying robot for FRC.

Not with that attitude

I did some calc’s. You need about (10-12) 775’s to lift about a 50lb bot. CIM’s and mini-CIMs are too heavy. You’d probably have 3-4 min of flight time at best with the 15Ah battery.

It’s challenging. But if I weren’t only on my 3rd year as being a mentor and having a majority of the team new, I would totally be chasing this down. First FIRST team to fly. That is one for the record books. People would be talking about it for decades.

You could build a tethered flying “minibot” I would think, probably could use 775Pros or BAG motors to power it. Granted, not sure what that gains you given bumper and extension rules, but certainly seems more feasible than other years.

Does make you wonder what it would take, given available motors, required component weight, and size restrictions, to make an FRC robot fly. I have this image in my head of a team building some insane custom quad-turbine monstrosity powered by 16 775Pros… ::rtm::

We thought about the tether to get rid of weight, but I think it you’re gonna fly, fly. Nothing else will do.

Gotta stick bumpers around your props then. That should be fun.

Does a flying saucer count?

a plane figure with nine straight
sides and nine angles

also, how are you planning to make circular bumpers? :stuck_out_tongue:

148 built a 9-sided robot quite some years back. They opted not to put a round bumper on it, for some reason. As I recall, it was very speedy and did quite well in competition, ending up on a couple of winning alliances.

You can make one with FRC legal parts, but it probably won’t fit in the size limitation.

Here is a flying machine that uses at most 3 CIMs worth of power to stay aloft, and weighs more than a FIRST robot:

Today I learned “couple winning alliances” is how we describe one of 2008s world champions


Now that we have a brushless motor, you can do a quadcopter. :rolleyes:

Our team considered using a tethered drone to place a hook on the rung for a climber. Maybe not the best way to accomplish this, but probably the coolest.

I think that a flying bot would work, but I think first would qualify it as illegal because it is dangerous.

I believe someone did the math and you can get about 4 pounds-thrust out of a 775Pro.

That’s significantly more than 3 cims of power. That guy was working hard.

During a bicycle race, a well trained cyclist can produce / sustain close to 400 watts of mechanical power over an hour and in very short bursts over double that: 1000 to 1100 watts

There’s even an uncovered power cube at 0:23! Flying game confirmed

If you create a tethered bot, you will have to find a way to prevent it from extending 16" beyond the frame.