So who's in band?

Play the clarinet. 5 years. Great fun… Played Lincolnshire Posey by Grainger and now playing Southern Harmony by Grantham. Good stuff :smiley: Oh and i’ve been playing the piano for 11, 12 years. Even better fun. :smiley:

I’m not in band, but I am a part of my school’s choir. I started off as a first soprano and I got demoted to second this year to place all the new sophomores our teacher recruited. Grr to the newbies… Ah wells, harmony is alway prettier than the melody. :stuck_out_tongue:

But, the horrible thing is that I have my choir competition this Saturday, the weekend of the Sacramento Regional in the early afternoon during the elimination rounds and I’m a driver! cries I’m required to go or else my grade drops. How shameful to get a B in choir. Guess I’m not driving for this event. sighs

At least the venue is less than 10 min away from the concert hall. The judges are just going to have to ignore the fact that I may have a streak of grease on my face or something that evidently shows where I have been prior. Hrm… our group picture is going to look interesting, I think my suddenly red dyed tips go well with our black dresses.:ahh:

well, now I’m more of a choirnerd than a bandgeek. I used to be in the top of the colorguard in marching band (making me a bandgeek)…did flags, and sabres primarily. Was learnin some rifle stuff too…but not a lot. So anyway, I also started up playing the French Horn, but my mom made me stop because she didn’t like it. oh well. Too bad they don’t need me on the piano in band or i’d so be in.
Still love colorguard even though I couldn’t actually do it this year. (will be marching with them at Disney when we go though).

i play guitar, flute , piano and in my band i play bass.
im the bass girl


I can play the harmonica, however, there aren’t very many people looking for a harmonicist to play in their bands (sigh).

I’ve been wondering about this for a long time…
What does being a bandgeek and um…basically…er…a FIRST geek…make me? A FIRSTbandgeek? :stuck_out_tongue: :confused:

I’ve played the clarinet for I geuss 4 years now… And I love marching band, concert band, jazz band… good stuff…
Though I’m getting worse because I don’t practice during FIRST season =) And band camp is like the secfond best thing ever (after robotics)… hmmm… i think that’s all my bandoish stuff…

I’m not in the band… rather, the orchestra! mu haw haw haw…

cough cough, anyways, yeah I like playing w/ the band at school… it’s a neat experience… I just wish some of our band player’s would take our music more seriously :rolleyes:

Oh yeah, I play the violin… or fiddle… depending on the kind of music I’m playing…

** Dorkestra!!!**

We had such a good tour this weekend. At the award ceremonies there were 6 directors and 17 trophies. Our conductor was the shortest one, but he got 7 out of the 17. Oh yeah! And our jazz band got the highest score they had ever given out. We all got superiors. w00t!

I’m not in band but I’m certainly in love with it. But I love playing my violin.

i’m not band (i feel so alone) but I am in choir. I sing baritone and/or tenor 2.

i USED to play the flute, and the piano…

haha, ohwell. at least I don’t hafta carry anything around. :wink:

In relation to band, is anyone in pit orchestra?
/me had a 5 hour rehersal last night and another 5 hour tonight…and tomorrow… shudders

I love music…

I am not in the pit orchestra, I tried to learn guitar once, but that just ended up real bad. I used to play piano, i took lessons for a few years, I stopped 2 years ago. I was in my church choir for six and a half years. I’ve played trumpet since the 3rd grade. I switched to tuba sometime towards the beginning of 7th grade, but switched back before the end of the school year. I was in my middle school marching band in the 8th grade which really sucked because we only marched in one parade and then for the Martin County vs. South Fork football game. This year i joined my high school’s marching band. We had band camp, and i know i am truly a band dork because i actually had fun. Our band director is constantly referring to us as the loud annoying trumpet section… I love it!!!

Oh, and one more thing…


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** Our band director is constantly referring to us as the loud annoying trumpet section… I love it!!! **

Is there any other kind? Being a former trumpet section leader, I know…

yah band. band is the best. i play 1st trumpet

over half of our team is in band.
I played tenor sax/alto sax from 5th grade to 7th grade. then in 8th grade I went to tenor in jazz and flute in concert band. freshman year i played tenor in concert and alto in jazz. sophmore year i played tenor only. then this year i finally rid myself of the tenor by giving it to my sister who was a trumpet but had just gotten braces, now i am a clarinet in jazz, pep, and symphonic band(the most offered at our school for a junior). so that is my band history.