So... who's working on a Safety Animation?

We are (Team 3489). I think we have a good idea. We kept it pretty simple, because all our animation team kids are rookies.

It’ll be good practice for the “Excellence in Design” contest.

We had a couple of kids on 3929 who started learning. Hopefully they can come up with something. :slight_smile:

We have an idea as well to work with. Our Animation team is also made up of rookies.

Quick Question: Are we allowed to use Autodesk Maya? It says we can use any Autodesk provided software is ok, however I’ve heard other teams saying to use only Autodesk 3DS Max.

Yes, you can use any Autodesk software provided by them that can animate things and edit stuff. Most people use 3DS Max because its more ‘rookie’ friendly than Maya.

Awesome, thank you! :smiley:

Our team is as well. Using 3DS MAX. A few rookies but mostly experienced members. This year, our team has the largest animation team yet. 11 members!

Our kids are going to make a go at it. Whether we succeed (total newbies, starting late…) is a separate and fair question.

I am the only on on my team that has ever done animation, but I’ve never done key frame. I am trying to do it in 3ds max

We have a team of 2 freshman and a junior and a freshman in college mentoring them. Storyboard and script are done, now time to try to do some modeling and hit the deadline.

Looks like 3 teams from the Palmetto state, and of course 342 will most likely submit :smiley:

Team 1987 is working on theirs as well :smiley:

This is my fourth year of animating for the team and the last. I have really enjoyed it and plan to mentor! I am the only animator on the team currently so im hoping i can get more to join for build season!

Only 5 more seconds of video to go :]