So why are we complaining?

Competition is OVER. Done. Kaput. Final. The winners won and the losers lost. So can we please stop whining about bad calls, fouls, and other things? FIRST is a sport, and it’s understandable to be annoyed (infuriated) at some things that happened. But can we not keep rehashing stuff? Nothing can be changed, it’s just whining. So please, keep this place civil.


Maybe trying to point out the flaws of this year to make next year better?


There’s already a thread for that though.

“We can’t fix the past so why try and fix the future”

That’s basically you’re entire argument right now. Very short sighted.


Personally, I’m talking about all the call threads. Those matches are done and gone, and really if there’s a problem it’s with the ref. And there aren’t any more official events and next year will totally be different. Destination Deep Space has no future. (Wow that sounds dark)

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And there is the chance and likelihood that bad calls and poorly written rules will exist next year.

Many teams besides the Einstein players ended their season on bad calls or inconsistently enforced rules. Sure, Deep Space is over, but pointing out the flaws, even specific to Deep Space, is an opportunity to discuss solutions and hopefully push FIRST to implement better practices.


Ok, I understand. I just hope people keep those threads civil too. :crossed_fingers:

I hope so too, CD has been very hostile these last few months. Maybe the off-season time will give everyone a chance to cool off.



If nobody says something about the issues, nothing is gonna happen. A lot of us put the same concerns in our end-of-year and end-of-event surveys, but posting the problems here also shows when others in the community see the same issues.

Because we’re all putting money and time into this program (i.e. not getting paid to do it because we love it so much), you’ll find more people get strongly invested in the issues in front of us and want to enact change to fix the issues in any way we can.


Meta complaining… so much more productive than regular old complaining.


While I agree with what you posted with the exception of the losers lost. It is my opinion that there are no losers in this program and no one actually lost. If the teams are running their programs anywhere close to correct, the students learned something and that is what this is really all about. No one likes bad or missed calls, but there a lot of things in life that we don’t like.

This thread brings up a good point: why is CD so hostile. So many treads are full of people yelling at whoever will listen. I legitimately can’t believe the number of threads just full of people bashing people. The community on CD is not what I expect from FIRST. I joined eariler this year, and my oppion of the quality of the average person within FIRST has greatly diminished. I used to be so confident that FIRST was superior to traditional sports because you leave a FRC event feeling good no matter the outcome, and everyone is supportive no matter a win or a lose. On CD, that’s just not true.


Well, remember that CD is not representative of all FIRST people. It’s the same reason why Yelp reviews of restaurants have so many people griping. Your average person who has a good time isn’t going to go out of their way to post and say “hey, everything’s great and I’m happy!” The people who post are the ones with gripes looking for an audience, like you said, whoever will listen.

I don’t mind the complaints if they’re well-written and have valid points they want to make. But we seem to be in this Twitter-culture where people want to post quick snipes and sound bites for the sake of getting a reaction or starting a meme rather than having a real discussion. That’s the part I find frustrating.


Uh, do you watch other sports? That’s pretty much all that happens. Go take a look at the chat about game 7 of the SJ/LV Stanley Cup Series… or the Saints elimination last year in the NFL.

Rehashing and being frustrated by oddities that affected the outcome is a normal part of sports.

I’ll admit, I did smirk a little at the idea of complaining about complaining to reduce the complaining


But what else am I supposed to do in the offseason?


I thought the purpose of CD was to complain.


Is this meta meta complaining


I prefer to think of it as an existential crisis.


Fixed it for you