So you can have all three robots climb on level three. Thoughts?

Is your team even going to attempt to climb level 3? Are the points worth it?

Since it is 9 points more than ‘just driving’ on level 1 platform. U can calculate (or measure) how long it takes to get 9 points with only cargo and hatches. If it will take you like 30 seconds to get that you can consider of designing something to get to level 3 in less than 30 seconds. The other weighfactor could be the extra ranking point.

We are going to see how easy it is to implement with everything else because it will really help during quals but after that, in playoffs, it will be quicker to just do level two and hopefully another alliance partner would be able to do the same if necessary. However, as said just above, it may be more efficient to do some cargo/hatches.

It does result in an almost guaranteed Ranking Point for your alliance.

Now if you can take someone else up there with you…



Our team is going for a level 3 climb on our own, and if we have the time and weight want to set up an elevator system to lift up another team.