So, you want the last 10 active threads on your site, huh?

So you want the last 10 active threads to show up on your website, huh? Here’s how to do it:


  1. Copy/paste the html from the attached txt file to your website wherever you want the threads to show up.

  2. Enjoy the last 10 threads on your website.

Want to format this list any way you want? You’ll need to know of a way to parse an XML file. If you know how to do this, let me know. If you don’t know how to do this, but have the PHP on your webserver, and want to try it out, send me an e-mail and I will give you instructions and help on doing this yourself.

Reply to this thread if you need help, or email me, or pm me, or whatever. I’ll help ya.


P.S. Reply to this thread if you’re using this. I’m just wondering how much use this will get… Thanks.

**UPDATE: ** This is a new attached file w/many new examples and options…

**UPDATE: ** See attachment on last reply – new URLs.

I have it on my rather code poor site.
One comment/suggestion, anyway to add the last user to post?
It shows who started the thread, but if it is the most recently active, I would like to know who posted most recently.
Does that makes sense? If not, ask and ye shall recive clairification.


Sleep?  Whats that?


Actually, I’m going to change it slightly.

You’ll be able to send it a few arguments, so you can slightly customize it. (which columns you want to see, etc)

I’ll post an update when thats done.

Ok, done…
Check out the newly attached file above for more options & examples & whatnot.

i have just put it up on our website. I love the idea brandon!! once i get the time, i’ll design a better way to display it on our site.

Is there any way to make it a lot smaller? I’m thinking of an implementation similar to what uses on their front page under “Recent Forum Topics.” (i.e. a plain text list that fits into a column or small box). Westcoaster also uses vBulletin for their boards, so it should be possible.


Just include that Javascript snippet in the cell of a table with the size you want.

It will fit as wide as the cell you contain it in.

And if you just want the topics/thread titles, don’t specify any cols= parameters.

I’m not sure if anybody is using this, but I moved the scripts … so update your page accordingly. See new attachment for new URLs.


attach.txt (1.69 KB)

attach.txt (1.69 KB)

This is a great feature, but It would be better if each table cell color had a class attribute given to it to allow for customization of the code. As it is, my current css code causes it to display rather awkwardly…

view it at

[edit] ACK! Oh dear… the script declaration is invalid… it must contain the type attribute to be valid XHTML markup! My page… she… doesn’t validate? :frowning: [/edit]

… Big error… When clicking on individual topics they try to take me to showthread.php on my server… which doesn’t exist. You should change the link from <a href=“showthread.php?threadid=#####”> to <a href=“”> instead.

Ahh. Ok

I’ll try to fix this tonight.

Check out the extras page, it has instructions on how to do the same thing, but with XML. Im not sure if you can process XML on your website or not. It’s a bit more flexible than this javascript version.

thanks. You’re doing a great job! :smiley: