SOAP Championship Movies 2003


It was an exhausting weekend for the “SOAP Crew”. Network issues aside it went very well. Many thanks to the student and alumni members of teams 234, 111, and 108 for providing their time and energy in helping to digitize the matches.

“TEAMWORK Makes Technology WORK”

Some movies are available now, the rest will slowly but surely pop-up after our equipment arrives back home on April 18.

Best Regards,
The SOAP Team & Friends
Team 108 - SigmaC@T
Motorola & Dillard HS & Taravella HS
Plantation, FL

p.s. Let’s here it for the NASA-KSC Team!!!

You have most of the Galileo matches up, but does the April 18th date include the holes for that division as well? I hope so, you seem to be missing almost all of our matches :yikes:

Thank you so much for having such a great site, I really enjoyed watching all the movies you guys host! Keep up the good work :wink: