SOAP Circuitrunners Site Hacked?

I was about to watch some 2009 match videos on the SOAP video archive, but Firefox put up a Google SafeBrowsing warning, saying the site has possibly been infected and has been distributing malware…

I know a few months ago the site seemed to have some glitches… I think somebody may have taken advantage of this to insert malware and exploits onto their pages…

I already sent an email to Greg Marra and hes going to talk to the admins to see if they can fix it.

Fixing it is one thing to pass the Google test but has the site actually been hacked or is it still safe to browse and watch the videos.

Most of the videos on soap are also posted on TBA or, try these until you get a better answer.

I haven’t heard back from Matt Keller. I have removed the link to SOAP from TBA to prevent anyone from accidentally downloading anything malicious. Hopefully SOAP gets cleaned up and back online soon!