SoCal FRC Carpet Available

We are doing some reorganizing, and may have a couple rolls of genuine grey FRC Carpet available in the north Greater Los Angeles area. It’s maybe 5-6 years old and was used for a regional and about 3 years of practice. I don’t recall any severe damage to it, but it likely has tire marks. It’s never been stored outside, or had anything gross happen to it, but it’s been stored in a cargo container. The width of each roll has been cut down to about 12 or 13ft. The cut edge is not straight, the factory edge is. Side by side they don’t quite make the width of a full FRC field. I think one of them is roughly the full 70ft length, and the other has had 10ft cut off of it, so it’s about 60ft long. We may have a ~3ft by 60ft or so piece as well. Send me a PM if this carpet is something that would be useful to you.


Bumping this. Anyone need carpet?

I’m going to forward this to our mentors right now.

If we can come get it - yes!

I’ve had a few teams reach out to me, and I’ve responded via PM. Thanks.