SoCal: Free Transportation of Robot and Pit Materials to Houston Championships


Team 4201 The Vitruvian Bots has partnered with our new sponsor NEXT Trucking to send the robot and equipment of any local team (defined as any team willing to drive their equipment to El Segundo, California) to the Houston Championships and back free of charge. This will give teams until April 11 to work on their robots and have their full pit and equipment at the event.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity, please fill out this form by Monday, April 6.

The attached document has further information, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Thank you,
Joy Uehara

NEXT Trucking FRC_02182020.pdf (148.3 KB)



Edit: :heart_eyes:
This is awesome. Will definitely need to discuss with the team. Thank you for making this offer.

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Torbot antennae are up–now to qualify for Houston…

What a great offer, we will try hard(er)

This is a great offer, that we may take you up on if we qualify. I hate to be that guy, but I have to ask, is it insured?


We have a meeting planned with NEXT Trucking later this week and will talk to them about it and get back to you.

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Thank you so much for this opportunity – if my team (7042 from Long Beach) makes it to Houston this year, we are definitely taking you up on this offer. I do have a few questions –

Will it be required for the robot and materials to be crated? If so, what are the required crate dimensions and weight? If not, what is the expectation for teams in regards to packing, both dimensionally and stacking?
Are batteries allowed to be transported?
With certainly many teams who will be contacting you for support, what preparations will we need for truck unload/reload in Houston? For example, will team members be required to arrive early for receipt of equipment, and stay late for re-load?

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These are all great questions! We anticipate having many similar ones over the course of the next few months, so we will be sending out an FAQ hopefully within a week. This will enable us to share those answers more easily to everyone we’ve reached out to.

Please keep asking questions! This is a new partnership so while NEXT is extremely experienced with taking goods cross country, we appreciate your help making the logistics with teams as smooth as possible.

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4201 strikes again, making it easier, cheaper, and more fun to be an FRC team in Southern California. Love y’all.

Some questions that I’m guessing people on teams may have:

What is the capacity for number of teams/amount of stuff?
– If you have an overwhelming response and exceed this, how will teams be determined? If first come, first served, what about teams that qualify later in the season (e.g. week 6)?

Is there a capacity for what each team can bring? What about configuration? (Does everything need to be crated, palatalized, or something else?)

Do teams need to do anything special to their packaging? (Labeling, securing, etc.)

Follow up on the question about reloading above:
For the return trip, when will teams need to be fully packed and give up their equipment?

Has your team coordinated with FIRST to determine a time and place for loading and unloading?
– Everyone who has been to Houston knows the nightmare of load in and load out. Since teams generally need to move trucks and unload on FIRST’s schedule, this many teams with what I presume is a large truck could be a nightmare without prior coordination.

When and where will teams pick up the equipment after it is returned?
– I assume at the same NEXT location, but when?


One question we’ll answer here before the FAQ comes out:
NEXT Trucking is offering as many trucks as we need. This means any number of teams and their equipment. So don’t worry about when you qualify!

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Sorry everyone for the delay. We’re very busy with the LA Regional and NEXT is still finalizing the post-champs side of pick-up. In the meantime, here is the FAQ with a number of the questions you’ve all asked answered:

This will be a living document that I shall be updating with answers as we finalize them and adding questions as we get them.

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