SoCal on NASA TV Video file

NASA TV is showing clips from the SoCal regional at the very beginning of it’s “Video File” program. Watching can be a bit tedious (as the play the same Kennedy montage every 15 seconds or so), but there are lots of clips of robots, and lots of interviews. The video file will replay at 6pm, 9pm, 12am and 6am PDT (that’s 9 pm, midnight, 3 am and 9 am EDT).

EDIT: This referrs to the night of April 26th and the morning of the 27th only. Also, the midnight PDT (3am EDT) showing may be preempted by coverage of the Soyuz 4 docking with the ISS, and the 6am PDT (9am EDT) will be preempted by coverage of the Nationals!

Go to to watch online.