SoCal Rookie FRC Team Requesting Parts


Hello! We are the Charging Champions, a rookie FRC team from Irvine, CA, looking for some help from an experienced team. Continuing our FIRST progression from FLL to FTC, we have started an FRC team eyeing the greater challenge! We want to get ready for the upcoming season, and since we will be unable to access parts until Kickoff, we are hoping you can lend some parts from previous years so we can gain hands on experience from past designs. If you have a spare Kit of Parts from a previous season, our team is also willing to purchase it at a discounted rate. Thank you, and we greatly appreciate the help!


Charging Champions



Hey there!
Awesome to see another team popping up in Irvine, CA.
I’m the main mechanical mentor of Team 3476: Code Orange also located in Irvine.

We’d love for you guys to stop by one of our meetings and we can give you some tips and tricks on everything when starting an FRC team! We did it not too long ago!

We might have a few parts from previous KOP’s that would be useful for your team.

Let me know and email me at