SoCal thanks and congrats

I just wanted to say congrats to teams 980, 69, and 314 on being an awesome alliance. The matches we had with you were so much fun and you all have awesome bots. I hope to see you all at Nats in a few weeks!

Thanks you to team 1197 for picking us as you partners even though we were not seeded that high. That took a lot of faith and we really appreciate it. lol (PS It was hanging out with you guys last night I hope to see y’all soon) and Thanks to Chatsworth team 22 for being awesome partners. I am so glad we were able to be with you guys.

To team 294: Wow awesome job!!! :smiley: Congrats! You guys really deserved the Chairman’s Award! Thanks for everything!

And to all the other award winners and people we competed with and against thanks and congrats!

Oh yeah and congrats to my dad for being one of the regional volunteer winners!

Thank you so much, this award means the world to us. About 5 of us were crying. Redhead Jokes, Breanne M. and I especially. E

I want to give a big thanx to Wendy Wooten from 22, hug we did it!!! Thank you so much for your support for our team!!!

The regional was a blast!!! I think its only appropriate to also thank all of the judges, referees, and volunteers. Without you guys none of this would have happened. Thanx so much!!!


Yeah, that was sure a lot of fun. Thank you very much for having faith in us too! We went from hoping to get picked as an alliance partner to finalists :ahh:. Goodjob to 1197 and 330, we made a good team! Thank you for a great alliance, and a good time.

330, see you at nationals!

They won SCRRF practice competition last year in their 1st year working with no teacher support in an abandoned building.

This year teacher support, parent support, school support, to finalist. Awesome!

They have big plans for the future of Torrance School District robotics’ program.

also to 69, 980, and 314:
I think i speak for the alliance you played in the semifinal round (987, 599, 974). Thank you for your ‘gracious professionalism’ in allowing us to fix the 599 bot over our 6 min time out (when you used your time out for us). That showed a real class act alliance, team, and values you all follow. Personally, i think that that semifinal round against you guys was much more exciting than the final round (no offence 22, 330, and 1197). The electricity through the crowd when our robot knocked over 69 twice and 974 did the same once was amazing… hehe… Even though we lost, it couldnt have been to a better alliance. We are honored to have played the three of you. Also thanks to the gentleman on 980, i belive his name is Doug Hogg?.. he was a help to me and our team in particular. oh yeah thanks 980 also for letting us use your autonomous swith for the competition port for testing the auto mode. we really need to build one of those…
Good luck everyone at nationals… and thanks for a great So Cal regional!

Dave Rhoads
President / HP Team 987

Congrats to 980, 69, and 314 for winning the regional. Also to 294 for being the Chairman’s winner. Thanks to 1197 and 330 for picking us and for being such good allies.

hope to see people at Atlanta.

can’t possibly thank team 22 for all the things they did, and those they offered to.

An amazing bunch of matches from all of you. On behalf of my team, I would specifically like to thank 980, the Thunderbots, for the great help in diagnosing and replacing a broken drill motor that would have left us stranded. Again, thank you and big round of applause for team 294, Beach Cities Robotics, for your Regional Chairman’s award win.

The S. Calif. Regional was a total blast. Thank you again to the game-design committee for an incredible game this year. I am particularly impressed that there are different ways to score high and win.

Thank you very much to Team 69 for picking us for your alliance. You have a great team.

Also thank you to all our partners in the qualifying rounds. I would particularly like to thank Team 1159. They were ranked 54th after the 1st day, and they had wanted to try to hang in our last qualifying match, but instead, they altered their strategy to help us win one of our toughest qualifying matches against 599 and 687.

Apologies to our partner, Team 861, in Qualifying Match 78 when our whole arm broke off. It turned out that the students attaching our arm made a little design change and tapped the aluminum flange instead of drilling through the flange and using steel nuts. (We discovered that steel is stronger than aluminum. :slight_smile: The smoke rising from the motor on our arm was quite disconcerting, and although we herded a few balls (dragging our arm by the wires and pneumatic hoses as we went), we lost by 5 points. But hey, if it was all a bed of roses, it wouldn’t have been nearly as exciting.

Speaking of excitement, the alliance of Teams 599, 987 and 974 gave us far more than we really needed in the semi-finals. Our alliance won the first match by 40 points. Their alliance won the second match by 40 points. In the third match, we were hanging from the bar and up by 15 points, but with about 20 seconds left, 599 somehow got all the way to the other end of field, quickly grabbed the yellow ball and advanced toward their stationary goal to finish us off. They had us and we knew it, but a blown fuse caused the ball to drop from their arms. We may have won, but we know that we got lucky on that one. Despite that bad luck, your alliance sincerely congratulated us, and 599 even offered to help us to prepare for the Championships.

In the finals against 1197, 330 and 22, it was also very tense. In our first match, Team 69 got up on the platform to hang but 330 was already rolling back and forth on the bar blocking them. However, when we got on the platform, 330 went to block us and 69 made their move and hung. Finally, we managed to rotate our arm and hang also.

In the second finals match, 330 once again made it on the first platform in autonomous and then pulled up and started blocking the bar, but somehow our alliance partner, Team 314, pulled off the impossible and got their hook over 330 and the bar and pulled themselves way up on the outside of the bar. Meanwhile Team 22 was giving us severe problems by pushing and blocking us as we tried to cap the stationary goal. Truth is, they pushed us around more than anyone else in the whole competition. We gave up on the capping ball and headed for the bar, but when we got our front wheels up on the 1st platform, 22 pushed us against the upper platform. Luckily for us, their battery voltage dropped and we managed to escape from them long enough to get on the platform on the other side of the bar, something that we never do. Our drive team couldn’t see because the capping ball was in the way. Somehow they managed to do our wheelie move onto the platform and hang with just a few seconds left in the match.

It was a pleasure to meet and compete with such great teams. Teams like these never lose, because they know what FIRST is really all about, and they just start planning and preparing for the next round, and rightly so, because this regional was just one round in a multi-round series of competitions. We very much hope to partner with your teams in Atlanta and at other events in the future.

Congratulations Team 294 on winning the chairman’s award!!!

Special thanks to the S. Calif. Regional Planning Committee, judges, referees and volunteers, especially Nancy McIntyre, Jill Petty and Ric Roberts! You helped to create something very special.

We owe a debt of thanks to Team 60 who once again came to Los Angeles to deliver a workshop for the S. Calif. teams. This year, they brought a prototype for a 6 wheel drive robot with the middle wheels lower to help with turning. They in turn credited Team 25 with this idea. It is awesome. We can turn on a dime. Finally we can gear our robot for speed without blowing the circuit breakers when we turn in place.

Lastly, we are using the 2003 2-motor gear box (non-shifting version) designed and posted in the Chief Delphi White Papers by Andy Brockway of Team 716, The Who’sCTEKS. This is our first 2-motor gear box. Thanks Andy. It works great; we have much faster acceleration than in previous years.

I second that bit. We use it too and it is the best dang gearbox we’ve ever had. :slight_smile:

I would like to thank teams 599 and 980 for being so helpful with out robot. Our team had no working robot for most of the competition. 599 (Robodox) generously sent over one of their engineers and one of 980’s students was able to help us rebuild our whole drivetrain in less than an hour from 4 wheel drive to two wheel. SoCal regional had probably one of the best models of professionalism I have ever seen, and our incident was only one of many examples of Gracious Professionalism. I know 599’s not going to nationals, but hope to see you, 980 at nationals… SoCal regional was great this year.

Thanks Courtneyteam330.

It was my first day in robotics :slight_smile: It was amazing, I got the chance to meet some other teams around California and everyone there was really cool, and I already made some friends from the other teams :cool:

Team 980 was cool, thanks for the free ThunderBots 980 Pen :wink:

I was very surprised to see teams helping other teams. I had no idea people were willing to help out others like that! I thought that everyone was supposed to hate each others teams or something, but the teams were friendly and were willing to help out, very cool.

Very great experience, had a blast. Looking forward to future competitions!

i know this isnt probably the right place, but there is a machinist from my teams sponsor who deserves special recognition. he saved our team and helped out many others in the pits. team 1159 had their robot basically enhanced in many areas because of his help. with his help and 2 of our pit crew (myself included) we tried to fix 714’s arm(which i hope is working, with the new globe motors, mounting, and added chain, i just hope things turn out well for them) but although he may never read this, i just want Jamie to know that he did so much for our team and others out there.

hey guys it was a real blast in LA, not only running our robot, but working with so many diffrent teams at our first aid station. thanx to our allience partners the highrollers and the sirens, you guys are great, and congrats to the winning alliance, you guys are so awesome and my team and I truly appreciated the extra time out. Good luck to everybody going to nationals…hopefully c u all next yr, with what ever team i end up mentoring…

ps…We at 599 tried the 6 wheel drive with the lowered center wheel for the first time this yr, and love it…with the cims and drills together its a really powerful, yet great to contol drive system.

A big congratulations to Ric Roberts for his volunteer of the year award!!!

For those who don’t know it, Ric almost single-handedly has brought Raytheon into the FIRST family. Not only are they now a large sponsor of the Southern California Regional, but they also sponsor multiple teams. They also just instituted scholarships for FIRST college students and Ric just arranged for some FIRST college seniors from across the country to be flown to LA for a college fair. This company has figured out what FIRST is all about and is more than willing to use FIRST to develop its upcoming workforce.

It’s taken Ric several years of hard work to get Raytheon to this point, but he never gave up. Add to that hours and hours of work on the regional committee and as an inspector and …

Proud to have him on the Beach Bot team as well,

Penny Ross
team mom and school contact
Hope Chapel Academy

Thank you and we wish you luck in the nationals!!!

I should add that he also has arranged for internships for some College FIRST students also (who also happened to be flown out for the career fair).