Soccerball dimensions

Has anyone found out the measurments of the soccer balls?

What’s the radius?

What’s the weight?

How much do they bounce? (a lot more, a little less, etc.) compared to last years small rubber balls

Any info is appriecated.

Thanks for any help, and good luck to your team(s).

–Ben Mitchell

I believe that they are filled to regulation size (the balls are regulation size 5). I don’t know offhand what all of the demensions are offhand but they shoulodn’t be too hard to find!

There are several discussions about game balls elsewhere in the forums.

In the “Game Balls?” topic the dimensions are listed in a post at the top of the second page.

Soccer balls are ALOT less bouncy than the rubber balls used last year. Of course how much the ball is inflated will drastically affect this. An under inflated ball won’t bounce at all and also risks jamming any launching device, although a second ball should unjam it. An over-inflated ball will gain alot of added bounce. I dont have any measurements that so many of you are fond of… but this info should give a basic idea.