Social Media Plans

I was wondering if any teams out there seemed to have a great social media plan that was working for them. This plan would include rules/ suggestions/ tips etc. Thanks and good luck this year in FIRST Steamworks!

Hey! I’m from Breakaway 3937 (@breakaway3937) and we’ve recently had a lot of success on social media! We have specific rules for each social media.
Instagram: Only post high quality DSLR pictures unless you’re posting on your story. Follow any and all FIRST teams to increase your audience. We also use a lot of hashtags.
Facebook: Facebook tends to be for an older audience so we typically only post serious things on Facebook. We post a lot of our longer messages here (the sappy ones). We also do albums about each event we go to. We try to invite as many local people as possible to like our page.
Twitter: Post a lot! Follow every first account! Post pictures! Use hashtags!
YouTube: Share your links on Facebook, put them in your instagram bio, and tweet them out. Email them to friends and family even! You can comment on other FIRST videos (both official and from other teams) in order to share with other teams.
The main thing is to make sure you have lots of team members sharing your name and username!
For any more info DM us on Insatgram @breakaway3937