Sockets connecting to the roboRio

Are we able to use sockets to connect the roboRio and a Jetson Tk1 over the bridge, or is it blocked by FMS or violate a rule?


The ports that the teams are able to access on the competition field are as follows:

TCP 1180: This port is typically used for camera data from the Robot to the DS when the camera is connected to the roboRIO via USB. This port is bidirectional on the field.
TCP 1735: SmartDashboard, bidirectional
UDP 1130: Dashboard-to-Robot control data, directional
UDP 1140: Robot-to-Dashboard status data, directional
HTTP 80: Camera connected via switch on the robot, bidirectional
HTTP 443: Camera connected via switch on the robot, bidirectional
UDP/TCP 554: Real-Time Streaming Protocol for h.264 camera streaming, bi-directional
UDP/TCP 5800-5810: Team Use, bi-directional

just be careful because if you are drawing over 2mb/s you may be asked to turn it off if there are field problems, if you are drawing over 7-10mb/s (depends on the FTA) (technical maximum which will be enforced at St. Louis is 7mb) you WILL be asked to turn it off regardless if the field is running fine or not.

EDIT: This 2mb/s number may be a little bit misleading. If you are running 1mb/s you should be fine at any event that you go to. If the field is experiencing connectivity issues that it cannot resolve without isolating your robot and your bandwidth usage as the source of the problem than you may be in contact with your local CSA in an attempt to resolve the bandwidth issue while still maintaining core robot functionality. Low amounts of bandwidth usage that cause damage to the field can be common in defunct routers (was a problem with the old router, don’t know if the new ones will have the same issue) or if the 2mb is composed of a million little packets that get stuck in the scorpion (since TCP will request a handshake and data verification for each one, whereas 2mb of camera isn’t this concise)