Software Configuration Control

After we updated to the Driver’s Station image 2009-02-10a3, the switches we have going into the digital input ports do not seem to be reading in the software anymore. Is there a DETAILED description of the changes made in the software that might explain why they are no longer working?

It seems that ever software “upgrades” has created more problems then it has solved. So it will do no good to complain, but let’s use this thread to try to come up with a good software configuration plan that we can suggest to FIRST, in order to minimize the PAIN many programmers are feeling.

My first suggestion is that the Benchtop test be expanded that it will have some check of digital and analog inputs and outputs. A test program should be written for each update that will verify complete operation of the system. This program will have checksums that every team will know that they have correctly installed and the system is operating correctly. This program should be written by the powers of FIRST. Then as each team puts in a new sensor or program, they will know that the hardware is at least working correctly and it is really in the software.

Suggestion 1: A Complete Test Verification Program should be sent with each update.