Software for Camera if any

Quick questions for all the programmers out there =P

I was wondering if there is a program to actually start programming the camera to do its movements. For example, programming it to see the different colors and/or different shapes and sizes

So if possibly you guyz can link it here or send me a message thru email or mail here

email is

Later and Thanks

Josh Bell

If you mean the software for the robot, there is a modified verison of the defualt program at a site, if i remember correctly it’s, and from there there is a link to the first programing library or something to that effect, and you will find a file that is labeled as being the cmaera code. Have fun with it, cause I don’t think their going to drop it this year :slight_smile:

There’s another useful program here:
You need labview to use it, but it lets you configure the camera and see whether it is tracking and what it is tracking over a serial connection directly to the computer.

If you need any help with the camera, feel free to PM me…

Good luck and welcome to chiefdelphi

Look at the code’s other people mentioned here.

Labview is the a great way to calibrate the color tracking values.

From there take the code from That has a built in search and track function which already works that you should start with.

I have a good amount of experience with the CMUcams 1 & 2, and with setup/troubleshooting. If you need any help gimme a holler on PM or post.