Software HELP!!!

Well… we were going fine this year using labview and all of the NX Intruments software. At competition in may we were given the recent uptdates for Labview. When we tried running the updates something went wrong and our labview crashed and we had to remove EVERYTHING! So we still have the discs with the software, but the laptop that we are running things from has no disk drives (only the hard drive) and the biggest problem is that we have no memory sticks to transfer the programs onto. If any one has a way that we can get just Labview back that would be great! thanks.

Can you borrow a USB drive? Copy the disks on another machine to the USB drive then plug the USB drive into your laptop.

Does the laptop have a network card? Copy the disks to a machine on a network, then connect your laptop to the network.


You can also FTP directly from one computer to another.
This may take a while, since you’re transferring 6 GB.