Software on more than one machine

Is there any way our team can use Inventor and 3ds Max on more than one machine? We obviously have more than one student using the programs, and we would like them to be able to work on them at the same time. We have a server, but can we install the software as it comes onto the server so that everyone can access it? Or should we install it on each seperate computer? Is that legal? What has your team done?

Team 935

You cannot put it on more than the one computer. Although there is a grant available that you can get where it gives you something like 30 licenses. Our school applied and got one 2 years ago for inventor 6 and then we got another grant this year for 7. I will ask our teacher where and what we had to do to get it.
Drew Hopman
Team 801

Here where just sticking with the 30 day trial on all our machines and registering one of our better computers. That way if people need to use it after the 30 day trial they can just go to the best computer in the room and get the best proformance out of the program

Michael Calkins
Team 1188
Network/Systems Administrator

can you have the SW on more than one machine if they are not being used at the same time? can we load it on one machine at our site, and allow a student to also load it on a machine at home, since he cannot be at both places at one time, therefor will only be using it at one installation at a time?

Is this also true for Visio and the other SW we got? can they be installed on more than one machine, if the user does not violate the intent of the license agreement?

I believe CDILLA has (had) a feature for this. I haven’t tried it since 2002, but you could pop in a disk and it would transfer your license to that and you could load it on one more computer (then the license was deleted).

I seriously doubt Visio has something like that. VS.NET doesn’t I’m sure (and it requires net activation), so I think you’re out of luck there… :frowning: