Software/Robotics Engineer position at FIRST Global

**Software/Robotics Engineer position at FIRST Global

As an international education non-profit, *FIRST *Global’s mission is to inspire young people to become STEM leaders through the organizing of a yearly international robotics competition open to high school students across the world – one team from every country.

We are currently seeking hardworking self-starters who are ready to put in long hours for the opportunity to join a dedicated team working to foster cross-cultural understanding and promote an interest in STEM education through friendly “Coopertition.”

General Requirements:
–Ability to meet tight deadlines
–Exceptional multitasking capabilities
–Sound judgment and ability to work with little oversight
–Willingness to work long hours and weekends as necessary
–The drive to take on additional responsibilities
–A strong sense of humor

Software / Robotics Engineer – Preferred Qualifications:
–Bachelors in Engineering or Computer Science
–Preferred majors: Mechanical, Electrical, Software, Mechatronics, Robotics
–Experience working with robotics systems
–Experience with software development
–Links to open source contributions would be appreciated
–Experience participating in robotics competitions
-Bi or multilingual preferably in Spanish, French and/or Arabic

Primary Responsibilities:
–Assisting in the production of short instructional manuals
–Constructing and programming example competition robots for videos or demonstrations
–Providing virtual assistance to participating teams when they have technical questions about their robot
–Helping prepare for and providing technical assistance at the 2018 *FIRST *Global Challenge

$50,000 - $60,000 Annually

*FIRST *Global offers a competitive benefit package which includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, paid holidays, paid sick, and vacation time.

Job Type:

*FIRST *Global is an Equal Opportunity Employer

This description reflects management assignment of essential functions; it does not prescribe or restrict the tasks that may be assigned.

Applications can be sent via email to:
Anisha Hindocha ([email protected])
Director of Government Relations and Logistics

What metric was the pay scale based off of?


Physical location?

Anisha here - feel free to shoot me emails with any questions you might have. We’re based out of Alexandria, VA!

The pay leaves a touch to be desired for the skills you are asking for and likely need, not to mention the area you are seeking to have them relocate to or based out of.

I get it, you’re a non-profit but competitive pay for a position like this should be higher.

You’re being polite. 50-60k / year wouldn’t be competitive with entry level engineering positions in the midwest.

I am being polite and trying to provide constructive feedback that I hope is taken seriously.

If I were applying for this position (or any position) then I’d be seeking clarity on the following:

put in long hours for the opportunity

Willingness to work long hours and weekends as necessary

This might indicate an issue with work-life balance.

The drive to take on additional responsibilities

This might indicate a lack of appropriate staffing.

FIRST Global offers a competitive benefit package which includes medical, dental, vision, and life insurance, paid holidays, paid sick, and vacation time.

I’d seek a lot more information about this and how they measure it being competitive.

Correct, I was making nearly that as an intern in the midwest. Work life balance was the big issue for me at that job.

And before the usual “well it’s a non profit”… I work for a non profit, have excellent benefits and make an industry competitive salary (for Boston where I’m technically based out of) while working remotely.

I’ll put it this way (other than my lack of language skills, I might be a target candidate): If a recruiter sent this job description and salary to me, I’d laugh at them.

I haven’t looked at jobs on either coast, but with my (relatively light) 5 years work experience I wouldn’t consider a new position for less than double their range. seems to confirm my gut reaction. Entry level (Electrical Engineer) it’s showing $72k-$75k

You are all more than welcome to send specific concerns to my email, and I’ll be happy to address them!

It’s not a job for me but there are definitely phrases you should not use when looking to recruit for a position like this and the pay you are offering. Yes you’re working for an organization that is seeking to inspire generations of youngsters but it is still work and no matter how passionate you are, you have to live and eat.

One of the many hats I have worn in my consulting life is for handling IT staffing. If you’d like honest feedback on the position then you are more than welcome to email me: [email protected]

But that means that students miss out on seeing how some of us who have done the whole career thing for a while would approach a job listing. Maybe learn some things to watch out for.

Edit: And just to be clear, I don’t think Marshall or I mean to come across as mean or accusatory. We’re just trying to share some experience we have in this area. Vince/Anisha, seriously, I like the goal of the program and I hope you find someone that fits the role well and loves it.

As one of those students just starting to look at internships, this was actually really helpful. Thanks so much!

qft. Especially with this up front in the Requirements: “Willingness to work long hours and weekends as necessary”

Just a friendly disclaimer for anyone reading to check out these values for yourself and for your area. They tend to vary pretty wildly from location to location where the cost of living changes.