software version problem

Trying out a java program right now, but will not run.

Netbeans gives error message stating it expects but is getting

The website the error directs me to,, says that v20 is now supported and required, but netbeans still says it expects v19. anyone know what the issue is?

That happened with an earlier WPI Java release. Do you have the latest updates applied?

Java doesn’t actually have any problem, but there was/is a script that didn’t get updated at time of the introduction of v20 that performs a simple check if v19 = the cRIO version. It got updated in a later release.

The fix at the time was to modify the script, but I’d have to go looking again to locate where it was. It wasn’t in the Java folder as I recall.
Found it

So it says to edit file sunspotfrcsdk/ant/upgrade.xml.

Where is this file? I got a lot of stuff to look through and I don’t want to waste time.

C:\Documents and Settings*username*\sunspotfrcsdk

Where username is the login account the FRC software was installed under.

If you can’t find it just do a windows search for “sunspotfrcsdk”

Before you edit any files, you should confirm that you have the plugin FRCSquawkSDK version 3.38 installed. If you have an earlier version, you need to update.

There was a few days between when the v20 image was released and when java was updated to support the v20 image. That was the only time editing the file might have been necessary. What the error message is telling you is that you don’t have the latest java update.

Thanks for all the help, everything is working now.