Soldering Wires to Motors

So, we are using a banebot motor to power a shaft for ball control. If you have worked with the banebots you know the posts leads are EXTREMELY small. We have not yet been able to find crimps small enough to fit the leads. Are we allowed to solder the wires to the leads on the motor and if so what are the risks to the banebot if we do this?

Thanks everyone…

The lugs on the motor are designed to have wires soldered on. Be careful, use an appropriately sized soldering iron, powerful enough that you can solder it quickly so as not to melt the plastic.



You have been more help to us this year than you know. I have posted more questions here this year than any previous and you have been a consistant answerer (don’t know if that’s really a word or not but what the heck, it’s four days from ship and you know how it goes) so a personal thank you to you for posting on Delphi and helping out all of us!


If these are the window motors, we cut off the plastic around the conecters and soder them on.

They are not the window motors. The window motors are designed to use a special connector.

The “Banebots” motors are actually the Mabuchi motors

(hopefully this is what they’re asking about…as there were no actual Banebots motors included in the kit this year, so it’s illegal to use motors from Banebots, unless they happen to be CIMs)

My apologies, they are in fact the Mabuchi motors with Banebot gearboxes…PLEASE tell me this combination is legal…

As long as you are using exactly the motors that came in the KOP, and not some other Mabuchi motors, it should be legal.

These are actually the Mabuchi motors that came in the 2009 KoP…

Then you might be in trouble…you can only use the motors that came in this year’s KOP, or exact replacements. The motors from last year are different.

They look almost the same, but the part numbers, torque, current, speed, etc are all different.


Looking for the specs on the new Mabuchis now to see if our gearbox will fit it. Thanks for all the help!

Found the specs I was looking for and our current gearboxes will in fact work! Talk about getting lucky, of course if the children had actually TOLD me what they were planning life would have been MUCH easier.

Do you think you can link me to wherever you get the special connectors for window motors?

I’ve been hacking up female unshielded quick disconnect terminals and putting them inside,then filling it up with hot glue.

Would love to use the legit connectors.

I don’t know where you can get the special connector (aside from an auto salvage yard, which probably does not meet the COTS requirement). I just mentioned that they are designed to use one.

Check this thread for the window motor connector

Yes the 2010 RS555s work with the BB P60 planetary series.