Soleniod module Crio problem

We use the soleniod module #9472 to control 2 pneumatic soleniods and with the pneumatics bumper. We are still using the 12 volt system. We noticed while working on it yesterday that relay pins on #3 of the bumper were not functioning on the bumper chip; when we switched it on through our normal controls there was no current detected by the volt meter, however the other slots did work on the bumper. The green LEDs on the cRio module also all functioned.
We made a change to the code to use another slot, deployed it, restarted the robot, and now none of the soleniods are functioning. The LEDs on the module in the Crio are not lighting up like they should, but the power light on the bumper is lighting up. We loaded on the previous code and still nothing. I am guessing that the slot module is bad. I am going to reimage the cRio now, but does anyone know whats wrong??

The bumper with it’s independent power feed is after the problem if the solenoid module status lights in the second slot are not lighting up. The solenoids are either not being ordered on or the module is not seated properly.

I’d first suspect code errors when you relocated the slot.
Check for error messages on the DS Diagnostics tab too.

For hardware errors check if the module is fully seated.
Pull the module out and check the pins in the back of the cRIO to see if any are bent or if junk has collected in there.
Finally, have you installed the cRIO gasket in the back?

ok never mind. I tried one other piece of code on it that was from a few months ago and it works. Apparently both versions of code that i used earlier has the same problem with setting the soleniods a value. Thanks anyway