Last night is our brainstorming a question came up are we allowed to use soleinoids and if so where can i get them and what kinds?

read robot MOTOR rules

the answer is NO

but you can use a pneumatic solenoid - see Bimba FIRST catalog


Just to clarify solenoid valves are legal to use on the pnuematic system solenoid actuators are not.

There is a Double Solenoid Valve listed in the KOP on page 26 it did not come in any of the totes it is listed as Separate. Maybe in the bag containing all of the pneumatic parts.

<R53> Items specifically PROHIBITED from use on the ROBOT include:
A. Electric motors and/or servos different from, or in addition to, those in the KOP, with the exception of those specifically permitted by Rule <R52>.
B. Electric solenoid actuators (note: electric solenoid actuators are NOT the same as pneumatic solenoid valves – the latter are permitted, the former are not).