Solenoid Actuator Legality

Our team is using these solenoid actuators:

It’s a bit late, but we wanted to make absolutely sure we satisfy R18, specifically that they have a “rated electrical input power no greater than 10 watts (W) continuous duty at 12 volts (VDC)”. Since the specs don’t list a power rating, we used P=IV to calculate that (.4A)*(12V)=4.8W. Was this the correct approach? Thanks!

Looks correct to me (MS Physics) - the power can’t be any greater than VI. Be sure to bring a copy of (and link to) the “See more product details” page to competition so you can make your case with the inspectors.

Just to let you know. Your PCM will only be able to handle one of those solenoids. The PCM per cross the road’s manual can only handle a load of 500mA across the solenoid ports.

If you were going to use a spike relay you can ignore my previous statement.

Absolutely. Solenoids controlled by the PCB (which I hadn’t though of because it wasn’t stated as a pneumatics issue) have much stricter standards in terms of current/power draw.

Thanks! We are using a single Spike to run both.