Solenoid Breakout required?

The control system setup documentation says to install a solenoid breakout module in the cRio, but I can’t see anything requiring that module in the manual.

If we are not using any solenoids is that module required?

If it is required, how is it powered when using a cRio II? The version 1 has 4 spaces available on the power plug, but the version 2 has only 2 spaces available. My understanding is only 1 wire may be plugged in to any 1 space on a connector.

Thanks for any assistance.

My understanding is that it is not required.

There are only rules that require an analog sidecar (battery voltage) and a digital sidecar (status light). Nothing requires you to have a pneumatics sidecar.

If you do install a Solenoid Breakout, you can either power it with 12 volts or 24 volts. Both come from the Power Distribution Board. 12 volts would be from a 20 Amp branch circuit; 24 volts would be from the “extra” two connections on the cRIO power supply connector.