Solenoid Breakout Voltage for Pneumatics Question

We’re trying to get our pneumatics to work, but there seems to be an issue. The program is set so that ports 1 and 2 on the solenoid breakout flip a double acting festo valve connected to those solenoids. When running the robot, we see the lights on the solenoid switch back and forth when pushing the buttons, indicating that the button does indeed activate the solenoid ports as expected. The lights on the valve also move back and forth, indicating that it receives the signal. We can manually move the cylinder attached to the valve using the buttons on the valve, but we cannot get it to move electronically.

We noticed that the valves call for 24 volts of power, but the power going to the solenoid breakout is only 12 volts. Could this be the problem? How can we fix it? And whether this is the problem or not, what else could be causing the issue?

You can set the solenoid breakout to do either all 12V or all 24V. Go to the FIRST site and find the wiring diagram which explains pick one. There is an option to do both on the wiring diagram.


I think you already found your problem. Now all you need to do is wire the +24vdc to the solenoid breakout board instead of the +12vdc. Make sure you are using the breakout board from the 2010 KOP, it is rated at +24vdc.

By this, do you mean the power distribution board, where all the devices get power, or the digital sidecar, where relays and jaguar motors and digital devices get signals?

Neither. I was mistakenly referring to something that doesn’t exist. :o
I was under the impression we received a new bumper for slots 7/8. We actually received a new Analog bumper.
So, just ignore that last error. Use the bumper from 2009 and wire +24 vdc. to it.

How exactly do we do that? The wiring diagram says to wire it to the part of the power distribution board, but that only gives it 12 volts. Is there a special place to wire the solenoid breakout to, or is there a jumper we need to put in?

From this years Pneumatics manual:

FESTO has also supplied one double solenoid valve.
Instructions in the package explain how to wire the valve. The fittings
are the push to connect type so all you have to do is push in the tubing. The
valve is a 24V valve and must be connected to a Solenoid Breakout board that is powered
from the 24V supply on the Power Distribution Board.

There is a document showing how to do this on the FIRST web site.

Thank you for the wiring diagram! It showed us perfectly how to supply 24v to the solenoid breakout. Our pneumatics rig is working just fine now. :smiley:

What is the current (amp) rating for the 24 solenoid breakout? I had a team member search Chief Delphi & USFIRST for two hours this morning and he couldn’t find it.

We want to switch a 24V device that is rated at 62 ma.


The Solenoid Breakout we got says it is only rated for 18V. We know that the solenoid requires 24V but at the same time we don’t want to fry the Breakout board.

Currently we have a custom pair of relays wired to the 24V terminal on the PDB running to the solenoids and it works, but we don’t think that it is legal.:ahh:

Is it okay to run the Breakout on 24V even though it claims on the board itself that it is rated for 18V?:confused:

Look at the table here (section 3.5.3) for voltage and current ratings.