Solenoid Driver Cable - How to use?

We found a cable with a SMC syj3120-smo-m3-f solenoid but cannot figure out how to use it. It has what looks like a PWM cable. THere is no model number and we can’t find it on VEX or SMC sites. Trying to figure out how it is used, where it plugs into. We’ve only used the PCM in the past. Not even sure it is FRC legal.

Hey Fred, from a quick glance at the SMC catalog for that part (SYJ3000 it looks like those valves might usually be connected to a manifold with a similar connector to what is on the valve unless I am mistaken.

Without seeing the part and knowing exactly the right catalog spot to look at, I would generally assume it only has two wires in the connector, a signal and ground. This means you should be able to cut the connector off one end of the cable (assuming there’s a connector on either end), strip the wires, and feed those into the PCM or similar for control like you’re used to.

If you can share a picture of the valve and its connectors, that would help confirm what I’m suggesting.

Yep, that sort of confirms what I suspected.

From here it’s a matter of where you want to cut the wire, either slicing the 3 pin connector off or
cutting before the 2 wire to 3 wire connection. Then just strip an appropriate length of insulation off the red and black wires and insert into the PCM like you have previously.

Thank you.

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