Solenoid Help

Im pretty new to Labview and this is my first year in FIRST. I am having trouble programming the solenoids for the robot. I want the solenoids to turn on and off as a joystick button is pressed. Please help

thankx in advance

It’s fairly simple, modify ths example to suit your team:

Thankx man. It worked perfectly.

No problem, if you need any more help send me a PM or post another topic. In this community you’ll usually get help within 30 seconds of posting.

Hi this is Rookie Team 3883. The diagram you posted was for a single solenoid. What about for a double solenoid.

I am trying to program a double solenoid to either a) two different buttons, for extend / retract or B) program it so if I push the button, say to extend an actuator, an accidental press of the button in rapid sucesion wont cause it to retract… i.e. … trying to prevent a false double triggering of the solenoid.

Our lift arm folds like a back hoe… don’t want to refold it, and also looking at control of the manipulator claw actuator.

We’ll learn LabView, but it’s kickin our buts right now.