Solenoid Legality

We are wishing to use this solenoid (0.67 CV):
It as a 1/8 npt so it should be legal, but are there any other things that would make it against the rules.

Also if anyone as found a better solenoid it would be awesome if they would share it.

The only restrictions are port size and price, neither of which are broken by this. If the manual doesn’t say that something is restricted or banned, then it isn’t.

What rule number says price constraint?? I found some Parker solenoids that are 12volt, and 1/8" pipe. I assume they are legal, but am having an issue finding any other rule specs.


Thanks for the input. I was looking high and low in the pneumatics section and found nothing.

So as long as it is less than $400 and has 1/8" pipe thread, and 125psi rated its legal?

Technically, the solenoid valves don’t have to be rated for 125 psi if you use a second safety relief valve set lower than the solenoid’s rated pressure. But yes, those are the only requirements this year.