Solenoid not working

When we hit the button the solenoid switches but the piston doesn’t move. So we switched out the solenoid and it started working again. Then a day later the new solenoid stopped working and is doing the same thing.

What working pressure are you using? Some solenoid valves have a minimum pressure requirement, like 30psi.

I think it is 60psi

Then that’s fine. I’d reduce it to the simplest pneumatic circuit possible and make sure that you have the tubing connected to the correct ports, the exhaust ports aren’t blocked, etc.

Ok we will try it. Thanks

Can you share which solenoid you are using?

A picture of how everything is connected may help as well.

Can you confirm you’ve got the jumper on the PCM set to 24V? I have seen those valves fire on the 12V setting intermittently, but if your battery voltage sags for any reason they may not switch successfully.

When you say “hit the button”, are you referring to a button on your controller or the manual overrides on the valve body?

Do you have the jumper on the PCM set to 24V? It’s labeled VSOL.

Oops Josh beat me to it. What he said!

We fixed the two problems that we had. Thanks for all of the help!

Please post the solutions to your problems since they may help someone else

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We had a 12 volt solenoid plugged into the 24 volt slot, and the air regulator was put in backwards.

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