solenoid problems

hello my team is having problems getting some double solenoids to work correctly. when we push the button to make each one work a light comes on, on either side we are not sure if it is programming or if the solenoid is hooked up wrong or just not working. the solenoid is a 24v and is plugged in to the solenoid breakout on the cRIO.

any help would be appreciated.

Which light comes on? How exactly is the solenoid wired? Is the breakout board wired to 24V? Is there air pressure in the system? Pictures are helpful if you have them.

the light on either side of the solenoid comes on when the correct button is pushed.
the solenoid is wired directly to the solenoid breakout and that is wired at 24v
and yes there is air pressure in the system when we test it
sorry i cant post any pictures im not at my school to do that

Are you absolutely sure that the solenoid is fully functional and that your battery is at full charge?

In addition, if you only recently added the solenoid module to your cRIO, have you reimaged it yet?

I’d also check to be sure you have the supply line in the supply valve. Sounds silly but I have seen it more than once.

Please clarify. Are you saying that the light comes on at one end, then goes back to the other end? Is it that you wish to hold the position of the solenoid?

no, no lights come on until a button is pushed

Do you have enough pressure? Solenoids need about 30-40 psi to actuate.

You say you have a 24v solenoid. From where are you providing power to the Solenoid Breakout?

yes we do have enough pressure we are using about 60psi

and the solenoid breakout is being powered 20 amp breaker spot on the power distribution board. is this where we need to have it or do we need it to be pluged in somewhere else?

The 20 amp breaker spot is 12v.

ok where do we need to hook it up to? thanks for letting me know.

To the same place where the cRIO is wired on the PDB. There is 2 positive and 2 negative 24V terminals.

ok i will try that tomorrow with some spare parts thanks for the advise i hope this fixes it