Solenoid problems

Currently trying to figure out why our pneumatics aren’t working. We can hear a clicking from the solenoid but the air flow isn’t switching. We have the pcm jumper set to 24v and everything is wired correctly. Not sure what else to do

Can you post a picture by any chance?

Sorry I’m not of much help personally, but I’ll tag our electrical/pneumatics mentor: @scubadiv3r

What is your regulator setting? Many solenoid valves require 20 or 30 psi in order to switch.

Yep, I would make sure your air is fully charged (ie your compressor has stopped) before trying to control your solenoid. Sure does sound like its firing just fine, you can also see it on the LEDs on the PCM if you really want to be safe. If all that’s done and it’s still being weird I would make sure that yes, you have 60psi working pressure, and that your solenoids are all hooked up to the 60psi line, not the 120 (saw one team accidentally hook em up to 120 before). Past that I would check for leaks around the pistons/ the connectors on the solenoids.