Solenoid Programming Help

Alright I have looked all through the threads and find where this problem has come up, and that it all gets solved in the code but no specifics on the fix.

Our situation is that the NI-9472 solenoid, in either slot 3 or 7 of the 8 slot cRio, none of the lights come on and when the code is ran an error code of solenoid module is not present.

We think the code is not wrote right and are pretty sure we just dont have it wrote properly. Can anyone help us. This is our last thing we need to test before bagging. Thanks for any and all help.

Remember the first slot in the 8-slot cRio is “Slot 0”, and the last one is “Slot 7”…

Can you post your code and also is it the module on the cRio that doesn’t have lights or the solenoid. You might have a bad module or solenoid breakout board or might not have it wired correctly because you should have lights on there that I know of.

Rather than using 3 and 7 for solenoid modules, use 1 and 2