Solenoid Programming

I’m wondering how the solenoids are supposed to be programmed. For the double solenoid, when you pulse one side, do you keep the solenoid under constant current in order to keep that side of the valve open, or do you only have to momentarily pulse it? And for the single solenoid, does it work like the double solenoid where you simply reverse polarity? And does the current have to be constant and not just a momentary thing to keep the valve open? Any help would be much appreciated.:confused:

For a double solenoid, it is best to just pulse 1 side or the other. It is ok, but not the best to hold one side or the other. If neither side get power, it keeps its position. If both sides get power, bad things happen.

The single solenoid needs power to stay extended. if no power is applied, it retracts. You can do some really neat stuff with this, when you realize that it doesn’t receive power when the robot is disabled (like after the match), so you can use it to trigger something right as the match ends.

Hope that helps