Solenoid Question

Me and my team were playing around with the Solenoids the other night to see if it was a good idea to use it. But… The only problem we found with it is that the Solenoid is, well, annoying to work. The problem we were having with it is that when we pushed air through port 4, and we had been blocking up port 5, we built up pressure before trying to release it, and the air came out of port 1. But when we could try it again, not moving any parts around, air could come out of port 1 instead of blocking up in port 5 again.

We tried doing that a few times, even blocking most of one side of the Solenoid, but we still don’t know entirely how it works. Anyone know if we’re doing something wrong, like pumping air in through the wrong port?

Most solenoid valves need a pilot pressure of at least 20psi to work properly.
Are you doing this by hand, with compressed air, or with a pressurized system?

We were using a Pressurized system and we had the max of PSI in there (60).