Solenoid question..

In a solenoid there is 2 sides…one with 1 connection (where the air supply)
and other side with 2 connections (where the air is commng out)

can i reverse it?
i mean i need 2 air supply to 1 output…

just curious but what kind of an application is this for?

In many cases that answer would be no. The solenoid valves generally use the supply air to help them seal. Reversing would work against those seals allowing a lot of leakage or “blow by”. You have to specifically look at the manual for each valve to be sure of your intended application.

You know I have never tried that.

Think of a solenoid as a switch. If you would like to switch between two different pressures then it might work. Using it to combine pressures wouldn’t.

The only problem would be that these are pilot operated so there would have sufficient pressure maintained on the output side for the solenoid to work. Also if the difference in pressure is to high it might not work either.

Give it a shot and see but I have my doubts it will work. It may be easier to use two different solenoids to switch from one pressure to another.

how can i connect 2 defferent pressure to 1 piston?

i mean, how the solenoids will be?

and im using it for a kick, we want to defferent types of kick…

You can use yet another regulator to step down the pressure to say 30psi.

Then have a solenoid at the 60 psi level and another at the 30psi level.
Join one outlet from each solenoid in a T-fitting with the third tube going to the cylinder.
You’d only want one of the solenoids 2nd output port tubed to the retraction side, and the other solenoid’s 2nd port blocked.

There are other methods as well, this is only one way.

If I can guess why you would want to do this, do I get a prize?? :smiley:

OK, in this thread, I asked the exact same question. I also posted a drawing of this application. We tested and this scheme does work as long as you provide pressure above the minimum pilot pressure.