Solenoid slot on Crio question

How many of the NI 9472 blocks on the Crio can we use this year?

Two, using slots 7 & 8.
Only one can be 24v, so you can have:

  • (1) 24v and (1) 12v solenoid module

*](2) 12v solenoid modules

Thank you :slight_smile:

Planning on lots of solenoids and/or line tracking sensors? :slight_smile:

I believe so :smiley: and where can i verify about the amount of solenoid slots?

Two slots will give you 16 individual solenoid outputs.

That translates to 8 double solenoids or 16 single solenoids.

If you need even more, then Relay/Spikes can be used to get you up to 16 more.