Solenoid Valve Isn't Working

We are trying to set up a solenoid to control a piston, but the air is just going through the solenoid valve, and we can’t control which valve it is coming out of. We are using the Festo solenoid valve that came with the Kickoff Kit. The lights are going on correctly but the switch inside isn’t working. What could the problem possibly be?

First, how do you have the solenoid valve plumbed?

Is there any way you could supply some pictures of the valve and its surrounding setup? It may help other people provide better answers.

Assuming everything is properly connected, I would check out the the manual overrides. They are the two little blue buttons on the top side of the valve, and should be oriented with the small slots parallel to each other and pointing lengthwise along the valve. If they are not parallel, you could have the solenoid valve held in either position, and making sure the overrides are not “on” could help.

Is the PCM set for 24 volts? We got lights last year at 12 volts, but valves didn’t work until we moved the jumper to 24V.

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If the battery is 12 volts, how to we get 24 volts to the PCM?

Some photos to better describe what we’re all suggesting.

FestoPlumbing-a FestoPlumbing-d

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To get 24v there is a tiny jumper (circled in red above) on the PCM.
It boosts the battery voltage to 24v.

I think that should solve the issue.

At all times, one of the two open outputs you have there will be releasing pressurized air from your system.
Connect them both to the opposite ends of a cylinder to make it work.

We had it set up with the cylinder, but it was just outputting air out from one side so we took it out to do diagnostics.


One more question, how do we use the 24 jumper? I can’t find any connector that attaches to the port.

Should be a small wire jumper already in place for the 12V. Pull it out and slide over the 24V side.

Ok, I got it now.

Make sure your Solenoid is 24V though if you switch the jumper wire.

you can read the “24VDC” in the photo.

You have better eyes than me. I missed it.

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The jumper helped but we’re still having issue controlling the valves. Only after I hold down pressure on the valve outputting air can I switch the output valve with a joystick button. How do I output the correct pressure to the solenoid from the air tank?

Those solenoids should be able to work without the extra 24v you can use it but be aware of how much power it pulls so you don’t run out of battery when matches pile on you, the only air shooting out should be coming out of ports 5 and 3 all the rest should be contained, also make sure tape is on the connectors and things are secure, you don’t want to be hit by a flying tube,if all else fails, you may need a new solenoid when you are done the solenoid should look like this, it looks to be there are electrical attachments missing possibly I could be wrong, and also make sure when you open the blue screw you close it before operating the next. This may sound obvious but I’ve made the same mistakes after a lot of replumbing, relocating and such. Hope this helps.